UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Google Startups Africa 2023: A Pathway to Boost Female Tech Founders

Explore our comprehensive guide on how to apply for the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, an initiative designed to foster growth and innovation in tech startups. Gain insights into the application process and unlock your startup’s potential.

UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Google Startups Africa 2023: A Pathway to Boost Female Tech Founders

In a ground-breaking move to propel Africa’s female-led tech startups into the global limelight, the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub in conjunction with Google for Startups Africa unveils an innovative program for 2023.

This partnership aims to foster the burgeoning tech industry in Africa, with a special focus on empowering female entrepreneurs.

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub/Google Startups Africa Partnership

Fostering Female Tech Innovation

Targeting female technology founders, this initiative provides an exceptional platform for them to scale their ventures.

The program pledges up to $3 million in Google Cloud Credits, creating a unique opportunity for African women in tech to shine on the global stage.

Google Cloud Credit Programme

Two Tiers of Support

The program comes in two tiers, namely the Start Tier and the Scale Tier.

Regardless of your qualification for these tiers, all applicants are strongly encouraged to seize this opportunity.

Start Tier: Initial Boost

Under the Start Tier, beneficiaries will receive up to $2,000 USD in Google Cloud credits, valid for two years.

This tier caters to startups that are in their initial stages and need the push to launch.

Scale Tier: Scaling New Heights

The Scale Tier targets startups ready to soar.

Here, beneficiaries will get 100% up to $100,000 USD in Google Cloud credits in year 1, and an additional 20% up to $100,000 USD in Google Cloud credits in year 2.

Benefits of the Startups Africa Program

An Inclusive Community

Every applicant joins the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub Female Founders Community.

This community is a support network that offers guidance, mentorship, and a platform for networking and collaboration.

Requirements for Startups Africa Program Qualification

Start Tier Qualifications

To qualify for the Start Tier, the enterprise must be female-founded within the last five years, be a tech startup not yet funded by an institutional investor, and not yet received Google cloud credits beyond the free trial.

Scale Tier Qualifications

For Scale Tier eligibility, female founders must have launched their startup in the last decade, obtained pre-Series A equity funding or Web3 sources, and received no more than $4,000 in Google Cloud credits.

Bonus Benefits

Beneficiaries under the Start Tier will be eligible to apply for $100,000 USD credits once $2,000 USD is exhausted, thereby providing a further boost to their ventures.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub

Understanding the Application Pro

Here’s a concise guide on how to apply for the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, an initiative supporting the growth of tech entrepreneurship.

Visit the Official Website

Firstly, visit the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub’s official website.

Navigate to the “Apply” section.

fill the Application Form

Find the relevant application form.

Ensure all required information is accurate and comprehensive, reflecting your startup’s potential.

Submit the Form

After reviewing, submit your application. Await confirmation and further instructions. Make the most of this tech-boosting opportunity

The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Google Startups Africa Program 2023 is a game-changing initiative that is set to revolutionize the tech scene in Africa.

It provides the tools, resources, and support needed to foster growth, promote innovation, and bring about a new wave of successful female tech entrepreneurs in Africa.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity – be part of this inspiring journey today.

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