Uganda Police Shortlisted Candidates List the official list 2023/2024

Unveiling the Uganda Police Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024. Discover the steps for successful candidates and the journey ahead.

We’re thrilled to announce that the Uganda Police Force has unveiled its shortlist of candidates for 2023/2024! Did you apply?

Keep reading, as we’ll guide you on how to ascertain your position on the list.

Latest on the Uganda Police Shortlisted Candidates

The Uganda Police Force’s roster of selected candidates contains the names of all triumphant applicants throughout the federation.

What does this mean for them? Firstly, each shortlisted individual will undergo a screening and interview process.

For the lucky ones, those who sail through the Uganda Police Force (UPF) screening and nail their interviews will have the privilege of joining the ranks on a permanent basis.

Successful UPF Candidates: Your Next Steps

We’ve got an update for every aspirant who took a shot at becoming a probationary Police Constable during our recent recruitment spree: The list of triumphant candidates is up! And guess where?

It’s flaunting itself at numerous District and Regional Police Headquarters.

So, swing by your local District or Divisional Police Headquarters to find out if you made the cut.

Embarking on the Police Journey: Here’s What’s Next

Once you spot your name on that coveted list, brace yourself for an exhilarating journey ahead:

Quarantine Centers Visit

Firstly, you must spend two weeks at one of our designated quarantine centers.

Why, you ask? Well, considering the ongoing global health crisis, it’s imperative for all Uganda Police Shortlisted Candidates to be screened for Covid-19 symptoms.

Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity to acquaint oneself with Covid-19 safety protocols. And guess what?

You won’t be doing this alone! The reporting to these centers will happen in two unique stages.

The Training Beckons

Post the quarantine stint, the Police Training School at Kabalye awaits your presence.

Here, you’ll embark on the Initial Police Recruit Training Course, a foundational journey for every budding police officer.

How to Verify Your Name on the Uganda Police Shortlisted Candidates List

Feeling jittery? We get it. But a little patience goes a long way.

Stay tuned as the official list will soon grace the UPF website at

The 2023/2024 Recruitment Process: A Brief Recap

We’re overwhelmed and grateful for the outpouring of interest we’ve witnessed.

Just to give you a snapshot: On 19th September 2020, a whopping 17,378 applications flooded in from 28 distinct regions.

Some regions like East Kyoga and North Kyoga led the pack, while a few like Mt Moroto and Katonga trailed.

But here’s the exciting bit: our adept recruitment squad has rolled up its sleeves, gearing up to cherry-pick the crème de la crème.

Now, for those who make it, a rigorous oral and written examination awaits. And it won’t just test your bookish knowledge.

We’re on the lookout for individuals exuding integrity, stellar communication prowess, robust health, a solid grasp of a police officer’s duties, sharp problem-solving acumen, and an unquenchable thirst for personal growth.

So, are you game? Stay tuned for the interview dates!

Becoming a part of the Uganda Police Force isn’t just about donning a uniform; it’s about carrying an ethos, a value system.

For those who’ve made it to the Uganda Police Shortlisted Candidates shortlist, a riveting journey beckons. For those who haven’t, remember, every end is a new beginning.

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When will the final list be available on the UPF website?

The date will be announced soon; keep an eye on the official website.

What will the quarantine centers entail?

Candidates will be screened for Covid-19 and educated on safety measures.

How long is the Initial Police Recruit Training Course?

The duration specifics will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates.

What regions received the highest number of applications?

East Kyoga and North Kyoga had the highest applicants.

What attributes are being sought after in the interview process?

Integrity, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and an understanding of police duties, to name a few.

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