UBA Business Series Pledge to Empower Small Businesses: A Dive into Financial Fitness

Dive deep into the UBA Business Series and its focus on enhancing financial fitness for African MSMEs.

Discover how UBA champions the cause of small businesses.

Financial wellness is a term we often hear, but what does it mean for small businesses?

Africa’s prominent banking player, the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, offers insights through its renowned UBA Business Series.

The UBA Business Series: What is it All About?

UBA’s commitment to fortifying the backbone of African economies – the Micro, Small, and Medium-scale Enterprises (MSME) – is unwavering.

The UBA Business Series serves as their way of lending a hand to these businesses.

This recurring workshop is a haven where distinguished business minds converge to share their wisdom, especially on navigating turbulent business waters.

UBA’s Historic Support for Thriving Businesses

Time and again, we’ve seen UBA extend its supportive hand, offering businesses golden nuggets of advice.

This workshop assists businesses in introspection, urging them to re-assess their strategies, ensuring they not only survive but thrive.

The Upcoming UBA Business Series Focus

Financial Fitness: Balancing Health and Wealth for Small Business Owners” – a topic that resonates deeply in today’s context, doesn’t it? Slated for August 24, 2023, at the iconic UBA House in Marina, Lagos, this workshop promises enriching discussions. And guess what? You can even catch all the action on Zoom if you’re nestled anywhere in Africa.

Meet the Speakers

A vibrant mix of medical experts, fitness gurus, and seasoned business leaders form the crux of this workshop:

  • Dr. Adeyemi Adeyinka, AVON HMO’s beacon of medical expertise.
  • Kemen Ekerette, the brains behind Kemen Fitness.
  • Saga Adeolu, an artist with a keen sense for fitness.
  • Ramanujam M, the torchbearer of happiness at the Happiness Center.
  • Atinuke Kolade, championing retention and growth at AVON HMO.

They are poised to guide business aficionados on elevating their ventures, while also focusing on physical and mental well-being.

UBA’s Stance on Small Businesses: Words from the Top Brass

Babatunde Ajayi’s Perspective
UBA’s SME Banking spearhead, Babatunde Ajayi, exudes optimism.

With such seasoned panelists at the helm, he believes the workshop will guide business owners, enhancing their brand appeal to attract the right clientele.

Alero Ladipo on UBA’s Vision
Alero Ladipo, the voice of UBA’s Marketing & Corporate Communications, underscores UBA’s dedication to fostering robust businesses.

Drawing attention to a staggering fact – businesses with less than 100 employees constitute a whopping 98.2% of businesses globally – she reiterates UBA’s unwavering commitment to these pivotal players in the global economy.

To put it simply, UBA isn’t just a bank; it’s a torchbearer for small businesses, illuminating their path towards success.

By hosting such insightful workshops, UBA stands tall as a staunch supporter of MSMEs, pushing them towards achieving financial and overall wellness.

So, if you’re a budding business owner or an established one looking to gain some fresh perspective, the UBA Business Series beckons

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What is the UBA Business Series?

It’s a recurrent workshop where business leaders share insights to help businesses overcome challenges.

When is the next UBA Business Series workshop?

It’s scheduled for August 24, 2023.

Who can attend the workshop?

Anyone from across Africa, either in person at the UBA House or virtually via Zoom.

Why is financial fitness essential for small businesses?

It ensures businesses not only survive but thrive in competitive landscapes.

How does UBA support small businesses?

Through initiatives like the UBA Business Series and providing insights to adapt to changing business climates.

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