Trader Moni Loan Registration Guide 2023/2024:Unlocking Opportunities

Dive into our comprehensive guide on Trader Moni Loan Registration 2023.

From eligibility to application, get all your queries answered

Are you a petty trader or an artisan in Nigeria? If so, we’re here to walk you through the most recent advancements in the Trader Moni loan Registration for 2023/2024.

Dive deep to uncover the gems within this government-led initiative, designed exclusively for you!

What’s Buzzing in the TraderMoni World?

GEEP & TraderMoni: A Brief Overview

The Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) scheme, initiated by the Federal Government, has always been the pillar of the TraderMoni Loan Programme.

It’s not just a solitary mission; the Bank Of Industry (BOI) along with a consortium of other esteemed bodies, ensures its effective execution.

Isn’t it like a team of superheroes backing up the dreams of thousands of petty traders and artisans like you?

A Golden Feature: Zero Interest!

Imagine borrowing money and not paying any extra penny on it.

Sounds dreamy, right? The TraderMoni Loan Programme ensures this dream comes true.

Every loan you take is devoid of any interest. Thus, the profit from the loan capital?

It’s all yours. Every bit of it!

How does the Loan Amount Progress?

The journey starts with a humble N10,000. But here’s the catch: if you’re diligent in your repayments, this amount can swiftly progress.

Repay the N10,000, and you’re looking at a bigger N15,000 loan. Continue this chain and you could be eligible for amounts like N20,000, N50,000, and even a whopping N100,000!

Simply put, it’s like a game.

Borrow, repay on time, and level up! And the best part?

This is all tailored to give your business that much-needed boost, sans the weight of interest.

Eligibility Check for TraderMoni 2023

Before you jump in excitement, let’s make sure you’re the right candidate.

  1. Age & Nationality: 18 years of age? Check. A proud citizen of Nigeria? Double check.
  2. Identity Proof: A valid identification to flaunt your Nigerian pride.
  3. Profession: Whether you own a kiosk, sell fruits, push wheelbarrows, or are a mobile cobbler/tailor, you’re in. Even Keke riders and vulcanizers are welcome!
  4. Income Stability: A consistent source of income to ensure loan repayment.
  5. Banking Essentials: While the initial N10,000 loan doesn’t ask for it, subsequent loans would require a bank account and a BVN.
  6. Communication: Own a phone? Have a registered number? You’re good to go!

Seal the Deal: Application Process

Digital Nomads, Apply Online!

  1. Visit: Head to
  2. Fill & Submit: Ensure your details are spot-on and hit submit.
  3. Follow Through: Stick to the given instructions and you’re all set to receive your tradermoni cash.

Old-School? Offline Route is Open!

  1. Locate: Find the nearest Tradermoni agent across Nigeria.
  2. Details: Let the agent capture all your information.
  3. Wait for the Magic Text: If everything’s in place, a special text from the Federal Government will grace your phone. It’s your key to the funds!

Cashing Out: The 2023 Tradermoni Way

Got a text from @trader_moni? Awesome! Dial these numbers to proceed with the cashout:

  • Eyowo for tradermoni:
    • 0170001510
    • 0170001516
    • 0170001517
    • 0170001518

Repayment: Step Up for a Higher Loan

Wish to ride the increasing loan chain? Walk into any of the following banks and repay your Trader Moni Loan:

  • GT Bank
  • UBA
  • Union bank
  • … and many more.

By ensuring timely repayments, you’re paving the way for a more substantial loan!

The Trader Moni Loan Programme is more than just a loan. It’s an initiative, a hope, and a catalyst for change.

So, if you tick all the eligibility boxes, why wait?

Embark on this journey and let your petty trade or craft reach new heights!

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Is the Trader Moni loan interest-free?

Yes, every loan under this program is interest-free.

How much can I initially borrow?

The starting loan amount is N10,000.

Where can I repay my Trader Moni Loan?

Repayments can be made in banks such as GT Bank, UBA, and Union bank, among others.

Is having a phone mandatory for the loan?

Yes, having a phone with a registered number is crucial.

Can professionals other than petty traders apply?

No, the loan is tailored for petty traders and artisans only.

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