Top 5 Mortgage Lenders In The UK And Their Requirements

Dive into a detailed guide about the top 5 UK mortgage lenders.

Discover their strengths, history, and what makes them unique in the mortgage industry.

The Crucial Guide to UK Mortgage Lenders

Before we delve into our top five, it’s important to understand what makes a mortgage lender truly stand out.

It’s not just about the rates, although those are crucial.

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First Direct

Have you ever heard of a company that’s so good, its customers can’t stop talking about it?

That’s First Direct for you.

With a history of leading the charts in customer satisfaction, this online bank segment of the HSBC group doesn’t just shine in the mortgage sphere.

It excels in every financial service, be it bank accounts or credit cards.

Why choose First Direct?

Trustworthiness: They’ve bagged the title of “most trusted mortgage lender”. Enough said.

Direct Access: No middlemen here. No brokers. Just you and First Direct, chatting about your mortgage dreams. The clue is in the name!

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Scotland’s jewel, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is more than just a bank.

It’s a heritage institution.

The largest retail and commercial bank in Scotland, it’s a part of the NatWest Group.

And with around 700 branches (mostly in Scotland), RBS is quite the force.

Did you know?

RBS isn’t the Bank of Scotland.

Two different entities, with RBS being the younger by 32 years.

Fun fact? RBS was built with strong Hanoverian and Whig affiliations.

Yorkshire Building Society

When you think of strength in numbers, think of Yorkshire Building Society.

As the third-largest building society in the UK, it’s a beacon of trust.

Based in Bradford, this society is a part of a bigger family that includes Chelsea Building Society and the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society.


3,300 Employees passionately serving around 3 million customers.
Diverse Services: Beyond mortgages, they offer services through Accord Mortgages and even Egg’s savings company.

Coventry Building Society

Coventry isn’t just a city.

It’s home to one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the UK: Coventry Building Society.

With assets boasting more than £56 billion as of December 31, 2022, it’s a behemoth in the mortgage world.

Quick Facts:
Part of the prestigious Building Societies Association.
Serving 1.5 million savings members and 350,000 borrowing members.


Journey back to 1690, and you’ll find the roots of Barclays. As the oldest and largest bank in the UK, Barclays doesn’t just manage finances.

It’s been a guardian of trust for its 24 million customers.

Barclays’ Five Pillars:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Stewardship

These pillars not just guide their actions, but define their very ethos.

Barclays believes that their culture is their backbone. It’s what rallies their employees towards common goals and shared values.

Securing a mortgage is like piecing together a puzzle.

With the right lender, the pieces fit seamlessly.

Whether you’re gravitating towards a bank with centuries of trust or a building society known for customer satisfaction,

remember: it’s not just about rates. It’s about partnership. Choose wisely!

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Which bank has the highest customer satisfaction for mortgages?

First Direct consistently leads in customer satisfaction ratings for mortgages.

Is RBS the same as the Bank of Scotland?

No, they are separate institutions. RBS was founded 32 years after the Bank of Scotland.

How many members does Coventry Building Society serve?

Approximately 1.5 million savings members and 350,000 borrowing members.

When was Barclays established?

Barclays was founded in 1690, making it the oldest bank in the UK.

What are the core principles of Barclays?

Barclays operates on five core principles: Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Stewardship.

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