Tips for Starting an Affiliate Business as Your Digital Business

For those of you who need extra cash or if you want to make money using a business without capital, we will introduce an affiliate business for you. Not only that, but in this article we will also provide a guide to running an affiliate business for beginners. Immediately, here is the review.

What is affiliate business?

Affiliate business or affiliate marketing is a business where you promote other people’s businesses or products from other companies. In this business, if someone buys goods using your affiliate link, and you will get a commission.

In this affiliate business, you act as a marketer or salesperson for the company. However, your position is a freelancer salesperson. So you will only get prizes and commissions if you succeed in selling their products.

The interesting thing about this affiliate activity is that you can market more than 1 product from different companies. If you work as a full-time salesman, you can only sell products from one company, right?

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So, for those of you who have an affiliate business, you can sell more products from different companies. This is what will make you get a lot of benefits without limitations.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Then how does this affiliate business work? How does a company know that someone bought their product from you? In this case the link is what you will use to detect your leads.

When you share your affiliate link and someone from website visitors clicks on the link, a cookie file will be sent. This cookie file will do 2 things:

Helps provide information about your attributes to be reported to the original owner of the product or company

And the second is saving expiration dates which will help you still get paid even if product buyers delay their purchases.

This can be done because the affiliate link that you have is a unique link and has the purpose of tracking. So check first, whether the link you get is a special link for affiliates or not.

An example of how an affiliate business works

For more details, you can see an example of creating an affiliate business below:

A new e-commerce website, for example Shopee, is in the process of introducing it to consumers by opening affiliate services. You are interested and try to register an affiliate business owned by Shopee.

Then you created a website to promote the buying and selling services provided by Shopee and managed to get 1 person interested in buying at Shopee via the link you shared. Unfortunately it turns out that he was so preoccupied with selecting items that he forgot to make lunch for his family so he left his cell phone and started cooking.

That night, buyers who click on your link and end up downloading Shopee buy clothes. But it turns out that he also needs a bag for his daily life. Under these conditions, you will benefit from buying clothes and bags.

Basically the profit from affiliate commissions doesn’t always happen that way. This depends on the duration of the cookies owned by the company. For example Amazon allows a cookie duration of 24 hours. This makes you get a commission from the company when the target market clicks on your shopping link in their first 24 hours.

How much will you get from this affiliate business for beginners?

Basically, the benefits you will get as a marketing businessman have no limit. However, everything depends on your business niche and your ability to do marketing.

If you choose the right niche and are serious about the affiliate business you are doing, you can get more than 100K naira every month as your passive income. Yup! Affiliate marketer income is passive income, you know! So you can get as much as possible without any restrictions if you choose the right business .

However, you have to pay attention again, don’t let you get the wrong business niche and it is mandatory for you to know how to market and build a brand to be able to get big profits from this affiliate business.

You may need a lot of time to be able to benefit from this affiliate business. The reason is that you have to learn and it really takes hard work and long learning to get to that high level of income.

However, for those of you who are just starting out, maybe the results you will get will not match your expectations. But don’t be discouraged. If the condition is like this it means you need more hard work, time and of course the right knowledge and approach to get to that level.

Easy steps to start an affiliate business

Affiliate business is indeed an easy business to start, here are the steps you can follow to start this affiliate business.

1. Choose your platform

To start an affiliate business, you can use many types of marketing platforms. Generally someone will use the website platform, but you can also use other platforms such as Instagram or your other social media .

2. Choose your niche

Niche is the theme of your business. If you want to be successful in your business, look for affiliate links that belong to the same niche category.

For example, if you want to offer products related to food, you can try offering products such as groceries, cooking tools, cutlery and many others. Using the same and related topics will build a more potential focused audience for your marketing.

3. Find an affiliate program to join

If you want to do affiliate marketing, make sure you choose affiliate marketing that suits your needs. There are many types of affiliate programs that you can currently find in Nigeria. So choose according to the marketing level you have.

4. Create superior content

For those of you who want to become an affiliate marketer, you must have the ability to create interesting content. Interesting content with high quality will help you get links naturally.

You can use this content to do 3 things:

  • Build your mailing list
  • Build SEO to increase your website traffic
  • And the last is content to make direct sales.

You must have these three contents on your website or affiliate platform. The goal is to facilitate the bidding, attract new targets and lastly is to benefit from these targets.

After that, you can learn about how to convert visitors to link clicks, then link clicks to sales. If you are successful, your affiliate business for beginners can benefit from this business.

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