NIMC’s Stern Warning: Third-party Engagement for NIN is a Criminal Offence

Discover NIMC’s stern warning against NIN third-party engagements and bribes, echoing the call for legality and transparency in Nigeria.

The Alarm Bells Ring Loud and Clear

Bisoye Coker-Odusote, the resilient and firm Acting Director General/CEO of the NIMC, rang alarm bells on a pressing issue during a recent press briefing.

Let’s delve into the specifics of this crucial declaration that is meant to steer the populace in the right direction.

The Warning

During a press conference held on September 13, 2023, in the bustling city of Abuja, Coker-Odusote made it unequivocally clear that resorting to third-party services or offering bribes to expedite the NIN registration or modification process is not only against the ethics of the commission but also a criminal offence.

Upholding the Integrity of the Process

She emphasized that we, as citizens, have a moral obligation to uphold the integrity of the NIN modification process.

“Engaging in these unlawful activities compromises not only the process but also violates the rights of every Nigerian citizen,” she pointed out ardently.

But how do we maintain the sanctity of this process?

Zero Tolerance for Corruption

We all play a role in fostering a corruption-free society. The NIMC stands firm with a zero-tolerance stance on corruption.

“Our duty is to safeguard the interests of the Nigerian populace by maintaining the highest levels of ethics and integrity in our operations,” said Coker-Odusote.

A Call to Action

We can’t turn a blind eye to this prevailing issue.

If you encounter any unethical practices during the NIN modification process, don’t hesitate to raise your voice.

The commission encourages us to report such incidences to the official email:

Your vigilance could be the catalyst for fostering transparency and compliance in our society.

As we tread the path of righteousness, it’s imperative that we adhere to the guidelines set forth by the NIMC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stance of the NIMC on third-party involvement in the NIN registration process?

The NIMC sternly warns against engaging third-party services or bribing officials for NIN registration, labeling such acts as criminal offences.

How can we report unethical practices encountered during the NIN modification process?

You can report unethical practices to the official NIMC email:

Who is the current acting Director General/CEO of the NIMC?

The current acting Director General/CEO of the NIMC is Bisoye Coker-Odusote.

Why is it important to follow the guidelines set by the NIMC?

Following NIMC’s guidelines preserves the NIN system’s integrity and security, protecting the rights and interests of all Nigerian citizens.

What was the key message conveyed by Bisoye Coker-Odusote in her recent statement?

She stressed the need to obey the law, avoiding third-party services or bribing officials when dealing with NIN registration or updates.

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