The Air Peace Salary Structure of 2023: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Discover the updated Air Peace Salary Structure 2023, its job roles, and additional benefits.

Stay informed about Nigeria’s leading airline’s compensation.

Curious about the remuneration structure at Air Peace, one of Nigeria’s leading airlines?

Whether you’re planning to apply for a job or are just interested in the aviation industry, understanding the salary structure is crucial.

In this article, we’ll delve into the updated 2023 salary structure of Air Peace by job title.

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Why Understanding Air Peace Salary Structure is Important

Working for an airline company like Air Peace is both exciting and demanding.

You don’t get paid handsomely for sitting idle, after all.

It’s a platform that offers you many professional opportunities, but you have to be ready to meet the high expectations.

Excellent academic grades, a strong will to succeed, and the commitment to work hard are prerequisites.

The Promise of Professionalism and Growth

While working with Air Peace, you don’t just earn a paycheck.

You’ll be part of an organization that prioritizes professionalism and career growth.

High performing individuals find opportunities for promotions and additional benefits that supplement their regular salary.

Air Peace Salary Structure in 2023: An Overview

The salary structure at Air Peace varies based on the role and position of the employee.

Here’s an illustrative table that shows the average monthly or yearly earnings for various job positions at Air Peace:

  1. Passenger Service Executive: NGN 60K – NGN 80K per month
  2. Cabin Crew: NGN 503K – NGN 540K per month
  3. Station Manager: NGN 485K – NGN 523K per month
  4. Internal Auditor: NGN 145K – NGN 155K per month
  5. Aircraft Mechanic: NGN 144K – NGN 155K per month
  6. Customer Care Representative (CCR): NGN 381K – NGN 418K per month
  7. IT Support Specialist: NGN 1M per year
  8. Engineer: NGN 670K – NGN 725K per month
  9. Pilot, First Officer: NGN 2M per month
  10. Systems Analyst: NGN 3M per year
  11. Procurement Officer: NGN 124K – NGN 134K per year

Additional Benefits at Air Peace

Alongside the salaries, employees at Air Peace enjoy other perks such as health benefits, which are separate from the wages.

These extras contribute to an overall rewarding employment experience.

Joining the Air Peace Team

Eager to join Air Peace? Be prepared to face stiff competition.

With the myriad of applications they receive, it’s important that you not only meet but exceed the required standards.

Please note that the salary data provided is subject to change, and we will update this page as soon as any adjustments are made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the salary data updated?

We update the data as soon as any changes are made. Please bookmark this page for the latest information.

What are the qualifications required to work at Air Peace?

Requirements vary by job title. However, generally, strong academic grades, a will to succeed, and a commitment to hard work are essential.

Does Air Peace offer health benefits?

Yes, apart from competitive salaries, Air Peace provides health benefits to its employees.

What other benefits does Air Peace offer?

In addition to health benefits, Air Peace offers opportunities for professional development and growth.

How competitive is it to get a job at Air Peace?

Due to Air Peace’s reputation as a leading airline, they receive numerous job applications, making the selection process highly competitive.

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