TEF BeGreen Africa Entrepreneurship Programme: A Golden Opportunity for Green Entrepreneurs

Discover the BeGreen Africa Entrepreneurship Programme by the Tony Elumelu Foundation. Empower green entrepreneurs for Africa’s green revolution.

Green entrepreneurship is not just the future, it’s the urgent need of the present.

Do you have a green vision and an entrepreneurial spirit? If you’re nodding your head, then we’ve got some exciting news for you!

The Invitation

The Tony Elumelu Foundation, in collaboration with UNICEF Generation Unlimited and the IKEA Foundation, is inviting all budding African green entrepreneurs below 35 years of age to grab their chance at the #BeGreenAfrica initiative.

The Essence of BeGreen Africa

What’s special about this program? BeGreen Africa is a distinct pilot initiative that supports green businesses.

It’s a brainchild of not just renowned organizations but also driven by the passion of young green entrepreneurs.

3. The Grand Vision

We aim to establish a comprehensive, sustainable, and youth-led entrepreneurial movement focusing on Kenya’s waste sector and the green arena in nations including Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, and South Africa.

Why? The idea is simple yet profound: to enhance the economic and social state of marginalized youths.

4. Addressing the Larger Picture

It’s not just about entrepreneurship; it’s about creating a ripple effect.

By focusing on these sectors, we’re targeting the threefold planetary crisis.

By empowering youths, we’re striving to diminish disparities and lay the foundation for sustainable living.

5. Open for Application

The gates of opportunity are now open! If you have a waste management startup in Kenya or a green startup in Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, or South Africa, here’s your chance.

Apply now through the TEFConnect portal, the digital platform of the Tony Elumelu Foundation.

6. What’s in Store for You?

Being part of the BeGreenAfrica Entrepreneurship Programme is not just an accolade. It provides you access to:

  • A meticulously designed green-centric curriculum.
  • Mentorship from the experts.
  • An opportunity to network on a global scale.
  • And the cherry on top? Non-refundable seed capital!

7. Mark the Date!

All good things come to an end, and so does this application window.

The last date to submit your application is 31st August 2023. Procrastination might be your biggest regret!

8. The Application Procedure

Applying is as easy as a breeze. Visit https://www.tefconnect.net and follow the simple steps. Don’t miss out!

9. The Impactful Goal

In this initial phase, the #BeGreenAfrica project aspires to mentor 1,000 Kenyan youths in waste management.

The objective? Financially uplift 120 of these youths and 25 green entrepreneurs in the other mentioned nations.

10. The Bigger Picture

The endeavour isn’t just about numbers. It’s about moulding the future.

This initiative aims to gather insights about youth entrepreneurship in pivotal green sectors.

Why? To explore how our young entrepreneurs can spearhead a consistent green revolution in Africa.

Being green isn’t a trend; it’s a responsibility.

And combining it with entrepreneurship? That’s revolutionary! If you’re young, driven, and ready to make a difference, the TEF BeGreen Africa Entrepreneurship Programme is your stage.

Ready to change the world?

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1. Who can apply for the BeGreen Africa program?

Youths under 35, based in the specified African countries with a green business idea or startup, can apply.

2. Is there any financial aid provided?

Yes, selected candidates receive non-refundable seed capital.

3. How can one apply?

Interested individuals can apply through the TEFConnect portal.

4. What sectors are the focus of this initiative?

The primary focus is on the waste management sector in Kenya and the green sector in Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, and South Africa.

5. What’s the ultimate goal of this program?

The goal is to foster a green revolution in Africa, led by the empowered youth, while addressing the planetary crisis.

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