7 Ways to Sell Your Writing on the Internet, You Can Make a Lot of Money!

Make money with writing skills by selling written works online using these methods:

It’s true that everyone can write. However, not everyone can have written works that can be sold.

Written works must meet specific criteria to be considered for publication and compensation.
For example, in terms of language use and sentence structure.

To sell written works on the internet, you can do it in various ways.

This can be a promising side idea because the time is flexible and the pay is quite large.

How to Sell Writing on the Internet

There are so many ways you can make money from your writing.

Here are some ways to sell your writing on the internet that you can try:

1. Create a Blog

One way to sell your writing on the internet is by creating your own website or blog.

Here, you can share any written work you like. But even better, if the blog you start has a specific theme.

For example, about beauty, traveling, parenting, and others. For those of you who are academics, you can also share writings that contain educational material.

If your writing is interesting, there will definitely be many users who visit your blog. When the amount of traffic is high, you can place online ads on the blog so that you can earn income.

Apart from utilizing ads, such as GoogleAds, you can also sell blog posts in the form of e-books.
Usually, this kind of thing is quite common for bloggers who already have many loyal visitors.

So, the e-books offered are quickly sold because the blog visitors already know the quality of the blogger’s writing.

2. Writing for Online Media

The next way to sell written works on the internet is by sending them to online media in Nigeria.

Writing news, articles, or features in online media is considered easier than other conventional media.
Therefore, many journalists take advantage of this opportunity to earn extra money.

Even those who do not have a journalist background can do it, as long as the written work meets the criteria.

Each online media has its own writing requirements. The honor paid for each piece of writing also varies.

Some are paid per word count, per one writing, or maybe a package with a predetermined minimum number of writings.

For those of you who want to write for online media, you can visit online media sites in Nigeria.

Usually, they will explain the terms of becoming a freelancer or contributing writer.

3. Submit Writing to Newspapers

Apart from submitting your writing to online media, you can also sell your writing to conventional media, such as newspapers.

With the advent of the internet, you can try submitting your writing to newspapers via editorial email.

Different from writing for online media, usually the requirements for writing published in newspapers are more complicated.

Every piece of writing that goes to the editor will be curated first to determine which works deserve to be published in the newspaper.

The curation process is quite detailed, starting from the content, the way of writing, to the appearance of the photos used as supporting text.

Usually, the type of writing that can be sent to newspapers is in the form of opinion, features, or reader letters. It can also be an article or short story, depending on the type of newspaper.

4. Participate in Writing Contests

The next way to sell written works on the internet is by participating in various writing competitions.

You can get money with a large enough nominal if you successfully qualify and become the winner of the competition.

To be able to take part in writing competitions, you can find information on social media.

Usually, there are special social media accounts that share information on writing competitions. You can also try to find competition information using hashtags.

In addition, these writing competitions can also be spread through online media. So, you have to move actively looking for writing competition information.

5. Publish on Online Story Platforms

In the digital era like now, there are tons of platforms that can make it easier for users to read books.

So, they can use their smartphones to read without having to buy physical books.

This can be a great opportunity for those of you who have a hobby of writing. Try to sell your written works on online story platforms.

Some online story platforms that are quite popular in Nigeria are Wattpad.

In order for your work to be widely read and can be used for profit, create interesting themed writings and story content that evokes the feelings of the reader.

When your work is liked by many people, you can benefit through the paid stories feature, like those on Wattpad.

So, readers have to pay a certain number of points in order to read the story in full.

Apart from Wattpad, online story platforms that can be used to sell written works on the internet are NovelToon, GoodNovel, NovelMe, and others.

6. Offer to Article Buying and Selling Groups

Offering your writing to article buying groups can be a way to sell your writing on the internet that you can try.

Article buying and selling groups like this can be easily found on social media. For example, on Facebook.

In these groups, you can meet other writers and article buyers. Usually, they will buy a certain number of articles, like 5-10 articles for example.

The articles written must contain a certain theme according to the wishes of the article buyer, who is usually a blogger. The articles will be published on their website.

If you regularly sell articles to this group, it’s not impossible to get a big income. The price of each article varies, so it doesn’t have a certain cost per article.

7. Contact Book Publishers

The next way to sell written works on the internet that you can try, namely by contacting book publishers. This is a suitable way for those of you who are good at writing stories, such as novels.

There are tons of book publishers in Nigeria. Each publisher has a focus on publishing different books.

Not only novels, but also works of writing that contain information related to tips, tricks, or education.

Try to contact several publishers and offer your book manuscript to them via the internet. For example, contact via social media or email.

Later, your paper will be curated by an editor whether it is worth publishing or not.

If you’re lucky, the results of your writing can be published into a book and circulated commercially.

If the publisher you contact refuses, try again to offer it to another publisher. Don’t give up, because the process of publishing a book is not easy.

Even so, this method has the potential to make more money. Especially, if your published book sells well.

Those are some ways to sell written works on the internet that you can do. Hopefully it can be a good opportunity for those of you who have a hobby of writing.

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