Empowering the Future: SAP UNICEF Generation Unlimited Educate to Employ Scholarship(2023)

Dive into SAP’s collaboration with UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited. Discover their scholarship initiative targeting young tech aspirants, aiming to bridge learning and earning in the digital world.

The New Wave of Education and Employment

Have you ever wondered how young talents can bridge the gap between learning and earning in the digital era?

We’re in a world where technology is evolving rapidly, and so should our approach to education and employment.

And guess what? SAP, in collaboration with UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited (GenU), is lighting the pathway.

A Deep Dive: SAP’s Generous Initiative

We’ve always known SAP as a global technological giant.

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This time, they’re investing in the future by supporting 400 young visionaries to hone their tech skills, especially in SAP software and services.

Imagine learning remotely for 6 to 12 months and then stepping into the world of SAP as a young professional. Sounds like a dream, right?

The African Coding Network is partnering in this venture. They’re the gateway for all the potential aspirants wanting to dive into this opportunity.

Expanding Horizons: SAP’s Extended Support

It doesn’t stop there. SAP is renewing their commitment with UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited for another three fruitful years.

Their mission? Preparing the youth for the workforce of tomorrow.

The New Programme: A Revolution in Learning

The digital and green economy is the future. And marginalized young individuals need a chance to thrive in it.

SAP and GenU’s new programme promises to do just that. Through their signature Youth Agency Marketplace (YOMA), they’ll chart new ‘learning to earning’ routes.

Their ambitious goal for the first year? Reaching over half a million young minds.

SAP Educate to Employ Initiative

This initiative is another feather in their cap. It targets the youth, aged 16-24 years, equipping them with soft skills, foundational knowledge, and SAP skills.

And the best part? The SAP Learning site is offering the latest SAP solutions free of charge. Talk about kickstarting a career!

A Glimpse into SAP

If you’re wondering about SAP’s credibility, consider this: 77% of global transaction revenue touches an SAP system.

Their prowess in machine learning, IoT, and advanced analytics has transformed businesses into intelligent enterprises.

With a vast global network, their primary goal is simple yet profound – improving lives.

Benefits of the GenU Educate to Employ Scholarship

For those with a technical background, this scholarship is golden.

SAP courses will enable learners to specialize in one of three career tracks. The endgame?

A chance to become an integral part of the SAP ecosystem, irrespective of their location in Africa.

Specialization Paths at SAP

Developer Associate: Perfect for those passionate about coding, testing, and ensuring software quality.

Technology Consultant Associate: Ideal for individuals keen on technical systems implementation and operation.

End User Support Associate: Tailored for those proficient in application support, system navigation, and troubleshooting.

The motive is clear. Enhancing your existing skillset to make you a preferred choice in the SAP world.

How Can You Embark on This Journey?

Stay tuned. Detailed application procedures are on the horizon.

In a world intertwined with technology, SAP’s initiative is a beacon for young aspirants.

So, if you’re aiming to merge passion with profession, this might just be your golden ticket.

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What is the aim of the SAP UNICEF Generation Unlimited Educate to Employ Scholarship?

To support young individuals in learning tech skills, particularly in SAP software, with the prospect of joining SAP as professionals.

Who is the partner for this initiative?

The African Coding Network.

What age group does the Educate to Employ initiative target?

Youth aged between 16 and 24 years.

How many specializations are offered under this program?

Three: Developer Associate, Technology Consultant Associate, and End User Support Associate.

Is there any fee for accessing the latest SAP solutions on their learning site?

No, it’s available for free to kickstart their career.

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