Registering for 3MTT: Steps to Beat Technical Troubles

Frustration Mounts for 3MTT Applicants as Glitches Plague Registration Process

Technical problems are causing headaches for Nigerians trying to sign up for the government’s ambitious 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) program.

With the deadline approaching fast (March 31, 2024), many applicants are reporting issues that are preventing them from completing their registration.

What are the problems?

  • Questionnaire Errors: Applicants are encountering errors when trying to take the mandatory questionnaire test. This is stopping them from progressing further in the application process.
  • Profile Saving Issues: People are having trouble saving their completed profiles on the registration platform. This could lead to lost data and force them to start over.
  • General Glitches: Other unspecified technical glitches are causing problems for applicants. These could include anything from error messages to slow loading times.

What are the consequences?

  • Missed Opportunities: Technical problems could prevent qualified Nigerians from participating in this valuable training program.
  • Wasted Time and Effort: People who have already invested time in their applications may become discouraged if they can’t complete the process due to glitches.
  • Frustration: Dealing with technical problems can be frustrating and lead to a negative experience for applicants.

What is the 3MTT program?

Launched in 2023, the 3MTT program aims to train 3 million Nigerians in various digital skills. This ambitious initiative has the potential to:

  • Boost Nigeria’s Digital Economy: By creating a pool of skilled tech talent, the program can help drive innovation and economic growth.
  • Make Nigeria a Tech Hub: With a large pool of trained professionals, Nigeria can become a more attractive destination for tech companies.
  • Create Jobs: The program aims to create 2 million digital jobs by 2025, providing greater employment opportunities for Nigerians.

What has been done?

The 3MTT team is aware of the registration problems and has apologized for the inconvenience. They have taken some steps to address the issue:

  • Extended Deadline: The deadline for profile updates has been extended to March 31, 2024, giving applicants more time to complete their registration.
  • System Upgrade: The 3MTT platform is undergoing a system upgrade, which may be causing the glitches. However, the long-term goal is to improve user experience.

What can applicants do?

  • Report Issues: If you experience any technical problems, report them directly to the 3MTT team. This will help them identify and fix the issues faster.
  • Be Patient: The 3MTT team is working to resolve the problems. Be patient and keep trying if you encounter difficulties.
  • Stay Updated: Follow the official 3MTT channels for updates on the registration process and any solutions to technical problems.

Hopefully, the technical problems will be resolved soon so that Nigerians can continue to register for this important program and take advantage of the valuable training opportunities it offers.

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