A Comprehensive Guide to Registering as a Returning Undergraduate at FULAFIA

Our comprehensive guide walks you through FULAFIA’s returning undergraduate registration process for the 2023/2024 academic year, addressing your queries and offering tips. check it now.

Hey there, loyal scholars of Federal University, Lafia (FULAFIA) This write-up is your one-stop guide to understanding the registration process for returning undergraduate students.

If you’ve been searching for detailed information on this, rest assured, you’ve docked at the right harbor.

FULAFIA has rolled out the red carpet for the returning undergraduates of the 2023/2024 academic year with new registration guidelines.

The method involves a range of steps, including refreshing your personal details, settling school fees, registering for subjects, and submitting your course registration form.

To make things smoother and more student-friendly, FULAFIA has taken a leap from the paper to the digital realm.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial for the online registration:

A. Step Into The Portal

First things first, dive into the university’s website at https://my.FULAFIA.edu.ng/.

Utilize your Matric Number as the login ID and fabricate a password from the digits 1-8.

B. Refresh Your Info

Once you’re in, swiftly revise your passport photo and biodata.

Time and tide wait for no one, especially during registration!

C. Pay Your Dues

Update your biodata by clicking “PAY SCHOOL FEES. Move to the “FEES” section, click on “PAY” and voila! You’re all set with your school fees.

Then, take care of any other applicable service charges.

D. Get Set, Register

Venture to the dashboard, click on “Course Registration”, then “Semester”, and finally choose “First” to register for first-semester courses.

E. Course Selection

Follow the instructions on the screen to select your courses for the semester.

F. Print and Endorse

After completing the online registration, produce a printout of your course registration form. Have it endorsed by your Level Adviser.

G. Submission

Walk over to your department (for all students), Faculty (for all students), and College (for medical students) to submit your endorsed Course Registration Form (CRF) for the first semester.

H. Final Step

The last stride involves visiting the Academic Affairs Division and submitting all your endorsed first-semester CRF.

Penalties and Technical Support

Note that all payments must be made via the online portal.

Failing to stick to the specified guidelines or timeline will cost you a penalty of N10,000.

Should you run into any technical glitches during the registration process, shoot an email to the University’s support team at help@FULAFIA.edu.ng.

Your issue will be resolved within 48 hours, tops.

We trust this article has navigated you through the Registration Process for FULAFIA Returning Undergraduates.

Should you still harbor any queries about this topic, feel free to drop them in the comment box. We promise a swift response!

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Can I pay the school fees offline?

No, all payments should be made online through the portal to avoid a penalty of N10,000.

What do I do if I encounter a technical problem during the registration process?

Contact the University’s support team at help@FULAFIA.edu.ng. They will resolve your issue within a maximum timeframe of 48 hours.

Where do I submit my course registration form?

You need to submit the endorsed form to your department, faculty, and, if you’re a medical student, your college.

How do I select my courses for the semester?

After paying your fees, go to the dashboard, click on “Course Registration,” then “Semester,” and select “First” to register for the first-semester courses. Follow the prompts to register your courses.

Can I update my passport photo and biodata later?

It is recommended to update your passport photo and biodata as soon as you log in to avoid any inconveniences later.

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