Re-Sit exams at Bayero University, Kano

Discover the comprehensive guide to Bayero University Re-Sit exams. All you need to know from fees, eligibility to registration details

Hello, cherished reader! We are sure you are aware that the journey through university can sometimes have its bumps.

It’s not always a straight path to graduation, and sometimes students face challenges along the way.

That’s why Bayero University Kano has implemented Re-Sit exams to assist students who couldn’t graduate due to failing a maximum of three courses.

Dive with us as we unveil the key insights you need to navigate this process seamlessly.

In a bid to support the academic progress of its students, Bayero University Kano has come up with a structured plan that accommodates students who couldn’t graduate in the 2020/2021 session due to a few hitches here and there.

Can we all appreciate how this move is aimed at ensuring that no one is left behind in their academic journey?

Who is Eligible?

We would like to make it clear that not everyone can apply for this opportunity.

This provision is exclusively available to students who were unable to graduate because of failing a maximum of three courses during the last session.

This encompasses final year students as well as those in spill over I and II levels.

Fee Structure

At this juncture, let’s discuss the financial aspects involved. Brace yourself, as we delve deeper into the intricacies of the re-sit fees:

  • One Course: A non-refundable fee of N25,000
  • Two Courses: A fee of N35,000
  • Three Courses: A fee amounting to N45,000

We hope this breakdown will assist you in planning your budget accordingly. Shall we proceed?

Reimbursements and Continuations

Now, if you are a student who has successfully registered for the 2022/2023 session and has also passed the special re-sit exams, we have good news!

You are entitled to a refund from the amount paid, dependent on the number of re-sit courses undertaken.

Does this sound like a fair deal to you?

Furthermore, students in category 3 who fail any course during the special re-sit will be allowed to continue with their spill-over without incurring additional costs, as they have already covered these fees.

Isn’t it relieving to know that the university has got your back?

Incomplete Grading and Registration Period

But wait, there’s more! Students who have obtained approval for incomplete grading in not more than three courses are also considered, albeit after paying a service fee of N15,000.

Moreover, students who failed to register only one core course but sat for its examination can be considered for the special re-sit after being granted a window to duly register the course.

Remember, the registration period commences from Monday, 28th August, and concludes on Saturday, 9th September 2023.

You can visit the official website for payment and registration guidelines starting from 28th August 2023. Sounds like a plan, right?

Important Notices

Please, we implore you to note that any student who pays for the special re-sit without confirming eligibility from the department does so at their own risk.

Moreover, the examinations are scheduled to commence from Monday, 11th to Saturday, 16th September 2023.

We strongly recommend visiting your respective departments for more detailed information.

We trust this guide has shed ample light on the Re-Sit exams at Bayero University Kano.

We hope that every student navigates this process successfully, emerging triumphantly on the other side.

Remember, this initiative is a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering a supportive academic environment.

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What is the registration fee for the re-sit examination?

The fee varies depending on the number of courses; N25,000 for one course, N35,000 for two, and N45,000 for three courses.

Can I get a refund if I pass the special re-sit examinations?

Yes, students who have registered for the 2022/2023 session and pass the re-sit examinations are eligible for a refund depending on the number of re-sit courses.

When is the registration period for the special re-sit?

The registration period is from 28th August to 9th September 2023.

Where can I find more information about the re-sit process?

You can visit the official website for payment and registration guidelines.

Are there any repercussions for paying for the re-sit without confirming eligibility?

Yes, students who pay without confirming eligibility from their respective departments do so at their own risk.

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