Presidential Conditional Grant March 2024: Update on NIN Requirement

The Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme (PCGS) is a vital initiative by the Nigerian government aimed at bolstering small businesses, particularly nano enterprises across diverse sectors.

It focuses on providing financial support to marginalized groups including women, youth, and people with disabilities, fostering inclusive economic growth.

This guide highlights the critical role of the National Identification Number (NIN) in the application process, offering key insights into recent updates and requirements necessary for securing this grant.

What is the PCGS?

The Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme is a noble initiative by the government of Nigeria. Its purpose is to offer financial support to small businesses across the country.

This scheme touches various sectors such as trading food services ICT transportation and more. It aims at empowering nano businesses or very small enterprises to help them grow and prosper.

Who is Eligible for the PCGS Grant?

The PCGS prioritizes inclusivity, ensuring a diverse range of Nigerians can benefit from this program. Here’s a breakdown of their target demographics:

  • 70% Women and Youth: This initiative recognizes the crucial role these groups play in the national economy and aims to empower them.
  • 10% People with Disabilities: The PCGS acknowledges the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and strives to provide them with equal opportunities for business ownership.
  • 5% Senior Citizens: Recognizing the valuable experience and wisdom of senior citizens, the program seeks to support their entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • 15% Other Demographics: The PCGS remains open to applications from all eligible Nigerians who meet the criteria.

This targeted approach fosters a more inclusive economic landscape where everyone has a chance to thrive.

What’s the Grant Amount?

The scheme offers a one-time grant of N50,000 to each beneficiary.

This amount is designed to help very small businesses with their growth efforts providing a much-needed financial boost.

What’s the Update on NIN?

There’s an important update regarding the application process!

Having a valid National Identification Number (NIN) is now mandatory to apply for the PCGS grant.

Don’t worry, updating your NIN is a straightforward process.

You can visit the official registration link provided by the government (details typically found on the government website).

Why is NIN Important?

The Federal Government requires the NIN for all applicants of the PCGS grant.

By updating your NIN you make sure that your application is complete and stands a chance of being selected.

It’s a key step in the application process that cannot be skipped.

What if I Already Submitted My Application?

If you have already applied for the PCGS grant but have not updated your NIN do so immediately.

The application window might be closed but updating your NIN is still possible through the provided link.

This ensures your application does not get disqualified.

Selection Criteria for PCGS Beneficiaries

The PCGS has a set of criteria to select beneficiaries who demonstrate the strongest potential for success. Here’s what they look for:

  • Owning and Operating a Nano Business: The program is designed to support established small businesses.
  • Demonstrating Business Growth Potential: A clear vision for expansion and a plan for utilizing the grant effectively are essential.
  • Willingness to Hire New Employees: The PCGS encourages job creation and economic growth through your business.
  • Proof of Local Address: You must reside within the specific area targeted by the program.
  • Accurate Personal and Business Information: This includes providing your valid NIN and Bank Verification Number (BVN) for verification purposes.


1. What is the PCGS Grant?

The PCGS Grant is a government program that provides financial support to small businesses in Nigeria. It focuses on empowering specific groups like women, youth, and people with disabilities.

2. Who can apply for the PCGS Grant?

The PCGS Grant prioritizes:

  • Women and Youth (70%)
  • People with Disabilities (10%)
  • Senior Citizens (5%)
  • All other eligible Nigerians (15%)

3. How much is the PCGS Grant?

The PCGS Grant provides a one-time grant of N50,000 to each beneficiary to help their small business grow.

4. What’s the update on the NIN requirement?

Having a valid National Identification Number (NIN) is now mandatory to apply for the PCGS Grant. You can update your NIN through the official government website.

5. Why is a NIN important for the PCGS Grant?

An updated NIN ensures your application is complete and considered for selection. It’s a mandatory step in the application process.

6. What if I already applied without a NIN update?

Update your NIN immediately even if the application window is closed. This ensures your application doesn’t get disqualified.

The Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme is an important initiative for supporting small businesses in Nigeria. By focusing on inclusivity and providing financial aid it aims to foster growth and development in the small business sector. Updating your NIN is a critical step in ensuring your application is considered so make sure to follow the necessary steps if you are applying.

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