Nigeria’s Interior Minister Promises Passport Backlog Eradication in Two Weeks

Discover the promising changes envisioned by Minister Tunji-Ojo in clearing Nigeria’s passport backlogs within a two-week timeframe.

In a fresh wave of commitment to elevate the passport application process in Nigeria, the Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, has affirmed that all existing passport backlogs will be eradicated within a fortnight.

This vigorous pledge emanated during his appearance on the notable Channels Television program, “Politics Today,” which aired on the evening of September 5, 2023.

We’re about to explore this exciting development that marks a promising era for Nigerian citizens.

The Two-Week Assurance

During the conversation, Tunji-Ojo voiced a decisive plan: a mere span of two weeks should suffice to clear the existing passport backlogs.

Worth pondering, right? Could this be the moment bureaucratic delays vanish?

Combatting Corruption

Tunji-Ojo was candid in addressing the root of the problem: the delays and scarcity in the issuance of fresh passports, which inadvertently foster corruption within the sector.

Isn’t it about time that we bid adieu to these setbacks that tarnish the very essence of citizen rights?

A Shift Towards Swift Renewals

Indeed, the Minister emphasized that, post the backlog clearance, no Nigerian citizen would be required to endure a waiting period exceeding two weeks.

This stance embodies both efficiency and a restoration of dignity in the process.

Passports: A Right, Not a Privilege

Ownership of the Green Passport

The Minister emphasized that owning a passport is a fundamental right, not a privilege granted to citizens.

As we witness this metamorphosis, isn’t it invigorating to imagine a Nigeria where this right is not just a notion but a tangible reality?

Maintaining Respect and Dignity

Further, he highlighted that it is wholly unacceptable for any Nigerian to face disrespect in the course of their passport application process.

We couldn’t agree more; after all, should not every individual be treated with the dignity they rightfully deserve?

The Advent of Digitization and Decentralization

Aligned with Presidential Directives
Tunji-Ojo illustrated a vivid picture of the envisioned reforms, guided by the directives of the President.

Could we be standing at the threshold of an era where excuses are replaced by tangible solutions?

Analyzing Current Scenarios
The Minister mentioned a thorough analysis of every step in the passport issuance process, from online form submissions to biometrics and final issuance, with the goal of addressing existing gaps.

Are we not teeming with anticipation to witness a seamless process that honours our time and effort?

Towards a Modernized Passport Issuance System

Engaging with Service Providers
Remarkably, talks are underway with service providers and the Nigeria Immigration Service to foster a digital and decentralized system for new passport issuances and renewals.

What convenience and efficiency possibilities does this offer?

Enhancing Accessibility

Tunji-Ojo stated efforts are underway to simplify access to enrollment systems, possibly expanding to include post offices and financial institutions.

Can we envision a future where the nearest post office becomes a gateway to our passport acquisition journey?

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What is the timeline proposed by the Minister for clearing passport backlogs?

Timeline for passport backlog clearance not specified.

How does Minister Tunji-Ojo perceive the ownership of a green passport?

Minister Tunji-Ojo sees green passport as national property.

What are the expected reforms in the passport issuance process?

Reforms in passport issuance process expected.

Are there plans to decentralize the passport issuance process?

Decentralization plans for passport issuance unclear.

What new avenues are being explored for passport enrolment?

New passport enrolment avenues under consideration.

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