A Golden Opportunity for Undergraduate Scholarship in 2023

Explore the comprehensive guide to ASSTF Undergraduate Scholarships 2023.

A golden opportunity for Adamawa State indigenes to secure their future

In an increasingly competitive academic landscape, acquiring quality education often demands significant financial resources.

In response, the Adamawa State Scholarship Trust Fund (ASSTF) offers a shining beacon of hope for many aspiring students.

The Fund aims to provide financial assistance to Adamawa State’s indigenous students, and their web portal is now open for the 2023 scholarship applications.

ASSTF: The Genesis and Aim

The ASSTF was established with an essential purpose: to streamline and automate the processes for students’ scholarship applications and screening.

The Fund caters to both local and international students, with special consideration for those pursuing unique fields such as aviation.

ASSTF Scholarships: A World of Opportunities

The ASSTF scholarship opens up a world of possibilities, providing students access to:

(i) Local and International Scholarships
(ii) Special Overseas Scholarships (Aviation and Others)

Benefits of ASSTF Undergraduate Scholarship

As a parastatal tasked with providing student bursaries, special and full scholarships, and student loan schemes at local and international levels, the ASSTF aims to ensure.

that each indigenous student is given an equal opportunity.

ASSTF: Pillars of Power and Function

The ASSTF operates on the strength of two core mandates:

(a) To source for funds and scholarships both within and outside Nigeria.
(b) To award scholarships to eligible indigenes of Adamawa state.

Qualification for ASSTF Undergraduate Scholarship

To qualify for an ASSTF scholarship, an applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a bonafide indigene of Adamawa State
  • Currently be studying in an institution of higher learning recognized by the Nigerian Government, either within or outside Nigeria
  • Complete the application form online and retain a printed copy of the uploaded form
  • Use a recent, colored passport photograph when filling the form
  • Applying to the ASSTF Scholarship Program
  • To those interested and qualified, apply directly on the ASSTF website. Before proceeding, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Navigate to the “SCHOLARSHIP” menu and select the category of scholarship you’re applying for.

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The Adamawa State Scholarship Trust Fund provides an unparalleled opportunity for Adamawa State’s indigenous students.

It levels the playing field and equips students with the resources they need to pursue their academic dreams, both locally and internationally.


Who is eligible for the ASSTF scholarship?

The ASSTF provides student support, including bursaries, scholarships, and student loans, both locally and internationally, to ensure…

When can students apply for the 2023 ASSTF scholarship?

The application portal will be open from 3rd July 2023 to 7th August 2023.

What are the types of scholarships offered by ASSTF?

ASSTF offers Local and International Scholarships, and Special Overseas Scholarships, including aviation and other unique fields.

How do students apply for the ASSTF scholarship?

Interested candidates can apply on the ASSTF website under the “SCHOLARSHIP” menu.

What is the main purpose of ASSTF?

The primary purpose of ASSTF is to automate the process of student scholarship applications and provide financial assistance to students at local and international levels.

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