NYSC Members to Get N10,000 Monthly Stipend from January

Adamawa State Government increases NYSC member stipends by N10,000 monthly, demonstrating commitment to youth welfare and development. Learn more in this article.

In a significant move aimed at easing the financial challenges faced by members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) serving in Adamawa State, the State Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri, has announced an increase in their monthly stipend.

Starting from January next year, NYSC members in Adamawa State will receive an additional N10,000 as part of their monthly allowance.

This decision was prompted by the recent removal of fuel subsidy and is a testament to the state government’s commitment to the welfare of its youth population.

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Governor’s Announcement

The announcement of this commendable initiative was made during the swearing-in ceremony of Batch C Stream 2 deployment, where 1,340 corps members were officially posted to various locations within the state.

Governor Fintiri used this platform to highlight the reasons behind this decision.

He emphasized that the government recognizes the financial challenges that NYSC members often face during their service year and is taking proactive steps to alleviate their burdens.

The removal of fuel subsidy has led to an increase in the cost of living, making it imperative to boost the allowances of these young volunteers.

Enhanced Support for NYSC Members

The additional N10,000 monthly allowance is indeed a welcome supplement to the existing support provided by the Federal Government through the NYSC scheme.

This increase will go a long way in helping NYSC members meet their basic needs, including accommodation, transportation, and daily expenses.

It also reflects the state government’s recognition of the vital role that NYSC members play in national development.

Additional Benefits in Adamawa State

Adamawa State has been proactive in offering extra support to its NYSC members.

In addition to the monthly stipend increase, youth corps members in the state already benefit from a N20,000 service-long bonus upon successfully completing their service year.

This bonus serves as an acknowledgment of their dedication and contribution to the development of Adamawa State.

Generous Donation

During the same ceremony where Governor Fintiri announced the increase in monthly stipends for NYSC members, he showed even more support by donating essential items.

The generous donation included 50 bags of rice, 10 bulls, and 10 jerricans of cooking oil.

These items are meant to help meet the food needs of the newly deployed corps members at the orientation camp.

Governor’s Encouraging Words

Governor Fintiri took the opportunity to address the corps members directly.

He congratulated them on their successful graduation and encouraged them to see their deployment and orientation as a chance to discover their talents and potential.

He stressed how important it is to make the most of this golden opportunity that has come their way.

State Commissioner’s Advice

Wali Yakubu, the State Commissioner of Youths and Sports, who also serves as the State Chairman of the NYSC Governing Board, offered valuable advice to the corps members.

He urged them to carefully choose from the various skill sets provided by the NYSC scheme.

Additionally, he encouraged them to actively participate in all training sessions and aim to become job creators in the future.

Commitment to Support and Empower

These positive actions and words from the Adamawa State government demonstrate their strong commitment to supporting and empowering their youth corps members.

The government recognizes the potential challenges that corps members might face during their service year and is taking concrete steps to ensure their welfare and success.

This support signifies the importance of investing in and nurturing the talents and skills of the youth, who are essential contributors to the progress and development of the state.

the actions and words of the Adamawa State government send a strong message of support and empowerment for NYSC members.

Their commitment to the welfare and success of these young volunteers highlights the significance of investing in the talents and skills of the youth, who are integral to the progress and development of the state.

Governor Fintiri’s decision to increase the monthly stipend and provide additional benefits is a proactive step towards ensuring a brighter future for the youth of Adamawa State.

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