How to Navigate the NYSC ID Card Replacement Process

Discover the Complete Guide to Replacing a Lost NYSC ID Card –

Get a step-by-step walkthrough of the replacement process for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members facing the predicament of a lost, damaged, or stolen ID card.

Ensure a smooth service year experience with this comprehensive guide

Are you an active member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) facing the predicament of a lost, damaged, or stolen ID card?

Or are you helping someone else in this situation? In both cases, your quest for a resolution ends here.

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This comprehensive guide will detail the process of replacing a missing NYSC ID card.

The Importance of Your NYSC ID Card

Participating in the NYSC program implies a requirement to carry your ID card at all times.

This document not only serves as your identification proof but also stands as a critical element for Discharge Certificate collection at the end of your service year.

When You Lose Your NYSC ID Card

Life can be unpredictable, and there are myriad reasons why Corps members might end up losing their ID cards.

Some may misplace them due to carelessness, while others may fall victim to theft, particularly if their wallets or handbags are targeted.

Regardless of the cause, let’s explore the replacement procedure.

Replacing a Lost NYSC State Code Tag (Temporary ID Card)

If you happen to lose your NYSC State Code tag within the camp premises, you should immediately initiate the replacement process to avoid potential issues like difficulty in obtaining your permanent ID card or even losing your first NYSC allowance.

you covered. We’ll help you navigate the terrain of requesting a new ID card.

Importance of the NYSC ID Card

The NYSC ID Card is issued to every Corps member after their registration in the camp.

This card serves as proof of identity, and Corps members are required to carry it at all times, whether within the orientation camp, outside of it, or during travels.

Additionally, the NYSC ID Card is essential for collecting Discharge Certificates upon completing the service year.

Unfortunately, Corps members may lose their ID Cards due to various reasons before the end of the service year.

Reasons Behind Loss of NYSC ID Cards

Instances of carelessness can lead to loss of these ID cards.

Additionally, thieves often target ladies’ handbags and guys’ wallets, leading to an ID card being lost.

How to Obtain a New NYSC ID Card

The NYSC orientation camp issues an ID card to every Corps member. Corps members are typically issued two types of NYSC identity cards:

NYSC Temporary ID Card

This laminated paper card, bearing the Corps member’s “state code” boldly, is meant to be used within the orientation camp premises.

NYSC Permanent ID Card

A few days before leaving the orientation camp, every Corps member is issued a plastic identity card to use outside the orientation camp throughout their service. After their service year, Corps members return this card to the NYSC.

Replacement of Lost NYSC ID Cards

Whether it’s the temporary state code tag or the permanent plastic ID Card that you’ve lost, here are the steps to replace them:

How to Replace NYSC State Code Tag

Losing your State code tag in the NYSC Orientation camp might cost you your first NYSC allowance (N33,000), and hamper your access to the camp canteen or obtaining your permanent plastic ID card.

To replace it, head to the registration center in the camp and explain your situation. The NYSC officials will cross-check your state code and personal details, then issue you a new ID.

How to Replace a Lost NYSC ID Card

If you’ve lost your plastic NYSC ID Card, the replacement process is slightly more involved.

Offline Replacement Process

  • “Obtain Police Report: Visit the nearest police station for the required report.”
  • Get an affidavit from a magistrate court.
  • Make photocopies of the police report and the affidavit.
  • “Prepare Letter: Address a letter to the NYSC state coordinator.”
  • “Include Police Report and Affidavit: Attach the police report and affidavit to your letter.”
  • Submit the letter through your Local Government Inspector (LGI) to the NYSC Secretariat.
  • Pay the required fee.
  • After following the above steps, your LGI will notify you when your new ID card is ready.

Online Replacement Process

Alternatively, you can replace your ID card online:

  • Visit the NYSC online portal.
  • Login to your dashboard.
  • Click on the “Replacement of ID Card” link.
  • Write a request and complete the payment.
  • Upload the police report and the sworn affidavit.
  • A new plastic identity card will then be sent to the local government area you are serving. To get to the next one
  • for more info do follow/

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