Unleashing Potential: NYDA Graduate Internship 2023

Apply for the NYDA Internship Program 2023 and accelerate your career journey while contributing to South Africa’s development dynamics.

Invigorating South Africa’s Youth with NYDA Internships 2023 In 2023, a golden opportunity awaits South Africa’s youth.

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) is set to open its doors once again for the prestigious NYDA Graduate Internship Program.

This program, known for its strategic planning and focus, is all about grooming the country’s next generation of diverse leaders.

Transforming the Future, One Intern at a Time

The NYDA’s Internship Program goes beyond just providing work experience.

It also strategically addresses the vital issues of human capacity development and transformation in South Africa.

With this program, NYDA seeks to create a steady stream of young, dynamic, and promising future leaders, transforming the face of leadership in the nation.

Who Can Apply?

Are you 18-35 years old with no work experience?

If you’re a graduate seeking to gain practical, real-world work exposure, this is your chance.

The NYDA internship is targeted at unemployed graduates who are eager to learn, innovate, and contribute to South Africa’s growth.

A Rewarding Experience

As part of the program, successful interns will be awarded a monthly stipend of R 8000.00 over the 24-month internship period, providing some financial security as they navigate this enriching learning experience.

What Qualifications are Required?

The internship program welcomes graduates in fields such as Public Administration, Public Management, Office Management & Technology, Business Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Project Management, Social Science, Development Studies, Business Administration, and Humanities.

Where and How to Apply

Applications for the NYDA Internship Opportunities 2023 are now open! To apply, visit the NYDA ERP Portal at this link. Please note, the closing date for applications is 2 July 2023 before 17HOO.

Special preference will be given to Persons with Disability and females.

When applying, include a cover letter with your preferred work location and reference number, along with your CV, certified qualifications, and a copy of your ID.

About NYDA: The Youth’s Development Partner

The NYDA is a dedicated South African agency committed to addressing the challenges faced by the country’s youth.

The NYDA was established by Act 54 of 2008 to address youth development issues at the National, Provincial, and Local Government levels.

The agency plays a pivotal role within the broad context of South Africa’s development dynamics.

The NYDA is a beacon of hope for the nation’s youth, going beyond being just an agency.

For any inquiries, kindly reach out to Ms. Z Ntayiya or Ms. M Mofokeng at 087158 4563.

for more info do follow / piggybank.ng


Who is eligible to apply for the NYDA Internship Program 2023?

Unemployed graduates aged 18-35, holding a diploma or degree in the specified fields, are eligible to apply.

How much stipend do interns receive?

Successful candidates receive a monthly stipend of R 8000.00 for the 24-month duration of the internship.

What is the application deadline?

Applications must be submitted by 2 July 2023, before 17H00.

How can one apply for the NYDA Internship Program 2023?

Applicants can apply through the NYDA ERP Portal here.

What is the NYDA’s role in South Africa?

The NYDA addresses youth development issues at national, provincial, and local government levels. It aims to transform South Africa’s development dynamics by nurturing future leaders.

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