NSIP: FG to Pay N10,000 Monthly Stipend to 1500 Youths

Federal Government to Pay N10,000 Monthly Stipend to 1500 Youths

The Federal Government of Nigeria has announced plans to start the monthly payment of N10,000 to 1500 youths under its National Social Investment Programme (NSIP).

The beneficiaries have completed training on N-Knowledge, a non-graduate program that comprises N-Tech Hardware, N-Tech Software, and N-Creative training programs (animation and scriptwriting).

Closing of N-Knowledge Training

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Farouq, made this known during the closing of the N-Knowledge training in Abuja.

She said that the trainees would be given starter packs to begin their chosen vocation. The N-Knowledge training program was designed to develop the competencies of Nigerian youths in software development, hardware training, and the creative industry, which will help Nigeria to compete in the outsourcing market for software development.

Beneficiaries of the N-Knowledge Training Program

Farouq revealed that the N-Knowledge training program was implemented in all six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

The 1500 beneficiaries were selected from the 3,300 youths who reported to the various training camps across the country.

The program has now come to an end, and the beneficiaries will receive their monthly stipends for nine months to support their apprenticeship period.

Enhancing Skills and Capacities

According to Farouq, the N-Knowledge training program is aimed at enhancing the skills and capacities of Nigerian youths in the software development industry.

It will develop skills along the value chain of website development, mobile app maintenance, and talent development efforts for the growth of the information technology industry in Nigeria.

Starter Packs for the Beneficiaries

Farouq assured the beneficiaries that they would receive their monthly stipends of N10,000 from the first day of their registration and it would continue until the end of their apprenticeship period.

The minister also revealed that different training tools would be provided to the beneficiaries to aid in their further development.

These tools were procured to enable them to maximize the skills learned during their stay in the camp and start their vocation successfully.


The N-Knowledge training program is one of the several initiatives under the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) of the Federal Government aimed at improving the living conditions of Nigerians.

The monthly stipends provided to the beneficiaries will help to support their apprenticeship period and enable them to start their chosen vocation.

The program will boost the growth of Nigeria’s information technology industry and create job opportunities for the country’s youths.

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