NPC Holds Off On New Date For National Census

The National Population Commission (NPC) reveals plans for a new date for the National Census under the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, ensuring the safeguarding of resources and avoiding the need to restart preparations.

Recruitment, training, ICT infrastructure, and logistics support have been completed, setting a solid foundation for the successful 2023 census in Nigeria.

The National Population Commission (NPC) has announced a change in their approach to the National Census.

They have decided to postpone setting a new date for the exercise. This decision will be taken by the government of the newly elected president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In this article, we’ll delve into this important decision and what it means for the future of Nigeria’s Census activities.

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The Role of the NPC in the Census

The NPC has always been committed to the proper execution of Nigeria’s Census.

This commitment has led to their decision to ensure the security of all resources that have been earmarked for the Census.

This safeguard is a necessity, according to the NPC’s Federal Commissioner in Ebonyi, Darlington Okereke. He made this announcement during a breakfast meeting for media executives.

But why is such a safeguard necessary?

Why the Safeguard is Important

Starting preparations afresh for such a large-scale operation like the Census is both time-consuming and costly.

This safeguard aims to eliminate the possibility of having to restart preparations once a new date is set. So, how does this safeguard benefit Nigeria as a whole?

Benefit to the Nation

We are not only concerned with saving cost but also preserving the solid foundation we have already laid for future censuses, says Okereke.

The NPC has made remarkable strides in preparations for the 2023 Census.

These include the completion of the Enumeration Area Demarcation (EAD), conducting pre-tests and trial census, and many other activities.

Preparatory Activities Undertaken

The NPC has been busy with a variety of activities in the run-up to the Census.

Okereke states, “We recruited and trained census ad hoc staff, procured and configured Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), set up ICT infrastructures, and provided logistics support.

” All these alongside advocacy and publicity activities.”

  • The Significance of these Preparations
  • The relevance of these activities cannot be underestimated.
  • They serve as the backbone for the successful conduct of the 2023 Census.
  • The NPC believes in the importance of sustaining and reinforcing these activities.

This measure not only ensures the smooth conduct of the Census but also saves the nation from the financial burden of restarting preparations.

Laying a Solid Foundation for Future Censuses

This strategy of the NPC demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to Census operations.

It signifies the NPC’s commitment to laying a strong foundation for future censuses.

This approach positions the NPC as a key player in Nigeria’s future population and housing data acquisition efforts.

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