No New 25k Conditional Cash Transfer: A Warning from Nigeria’s Government

Learn about the current status of Nigeria’s Conditional Cash Transfer program. The government warns against false registration claims and urges public caution. Get tips on staying safe and informed.

The Government of Nigeria has an important message: There is no sign-up happening for a money program called the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT).

This program usually gives people 25,000 Naira if they qualify.

But right now, you can’t register for it.

Some people might tell you that they can sign you up for this program, but the government says these people are lying.

They are tricksters, trying to get your private information like your name, phone number, or bank details.

Why? Because they might want to steal your money or your identity. That’s why the government says, “Don’t believe them!”

What should you do? Wait for the real news from the government. If they start the program again, they will let everyone know in a clear way.

They will use the local government offices, called LGAs, to tell you about it.

And they already have a list of people from before who might get the money, so they don’t need new people right now.

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Here’s what you need to remember for Conditional Cash Transfer:

  • Be careful: Don’t just give your personal information to anyone.
  • Wait for the official news: The government will announce when sign-ups start again.
  • Stay safe: Protecting your information is important to keep you safe from scams.

So, keep an eye out for any official announcements from the Nigerian government about the CCT program.

That’s the only time you should think about signing up. Stay safe and don’t let the tricksters fool you!

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