NNPC Breaks Silence on Viral Video Exposing Staff Cheating Customers

The NNPC has responded to a viral video exposing staff cheating customers by expressing regret, taking disciplinary action, and implementing preventive measures.

A Wake-Up Call: NNPC Responds to Allegations

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited has finally broken its silence in response to a viral video that exposed the tricks used by its staff to cheat customers buying fuel.

This video showed an employee dispensing less petrol than the amount paid for by a customer at one of its gas stations.

The Backlash and Response

As expected, the video caused a lot of anger and disappointment on social media.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, NNPC acted promptly by issuing a statement through its official Twitter account on August 29, 2023.

NNPC said sorry for the incident in a statement and assured that the involved parties were properly disciplined.

NNPC’s Dedication to Quality

NNPC restated its dedication to maintaining top-notch service and brand quality.

It also shared guidelines on how Nigerians can report problems at any of its 900+ stations to prevent future incidents.

The statement read as follows:

Dear Valued Customers, we are aware of a video on social media showing NNPC Retail Ltd.

service agents seemingly under-dispensing fuel to customers.

We’ve identified the involved station and staff and taken the required disciplinary actions.

Measures are now in place across our retail network to avoid similar incidents in the future.

We encourage open communication for better service.

Please report any issues at our 900+ stations via our social media channels or customer care lines: 09091000086-7.

We apologize for the incident and will continue to maintain the high quality and standards of service that define NNPC Ltd. brand.”

The Public’s Reaction

Social media users in Nigeria did not hold back their concerns and reactions regarding the incident.

Many emphasized the need to fix these problems in the country’s fuel distribution system, highlighting the importance of maintaining trust and integrity in essential services.

A Call for Vigilance

This incident reminds customers to stay alert when buying fuel or any other service.

It also highlights the importance of reporting any unusual activities or irregularities during transactions.

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What action has NNPC taken in response to the viral video?

NNPC has apologized for the incident, identified the involved station and individuals, and disciplined the staff appropriately.

How can customers report any issues encountered at NNPC stations?

Customers can report any areas in need of improvement at NNPC’s over 900 stations through their social media channels and customer care lines: 09091000086-7.

What measures has NNPC put in place to prevent future occurrences?

NNPC has put measures in place across its retail network to prevent similar incidents in the future.

What was the public’s reaction to the incident?

People voiced their concerns and reactions on social media, underlining the necessity to address issues in the country’s fuel distribution system.

Why is it important to report suspicious activities or irregularities during transactions?

Reporting odd activities or irregularities is essential for maintaining trust and integrity in vital services and ensuring customers receive the value they paid for.

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