NJFP Management Updates on Shortlisted Fellows 2023

“Stay updated with the NJFP Management’s latest announcement regarding the ongoing onboarding process for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme.

Learn how the programme aims to empower young Nigerian graduates and the importance of staying connected for timely information.”

The Ever-Evolving Onboarding Continues for NJFP Fellows

The management of NJFP (Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme) has recently issued an announcement to those fellows who have made it to the shortlist, advising them to stay alert.

The Matching and Onboarding operations for the #NJFP Programme are currently in progress and continuing on an ongoing basis.

The management team conveyed, “Our dedicated team is striving relentlessly to find the most suitable Host organization in the Fellow’s respective home states for every one of you.”

Birth of NJFP: A Mission to Empower Nigerian Youth

In October 2021, the Federal Government of Nigeria launched the NJFP initiative with the prime objective of empowering the youth of the nation.

This programme serves as a unique platform for young Nigerian graduates to gather vital work experience, attain mentorship, and participate in various training programs.

The fellows achieve this by associating with a host organization which enhances their potential for employability and entrepreneur skills.

Keeping Communication Lines Open: NJFP’s Message to Shortlisted Fellows

The NJFP management has additionally emphasized the importance of staying informed and connected.

They encouraged the shortlisted NJFP fellows to regularly check their emails and follow NJFP’s updates on social media platforms to receive the latest information.

To conclude, the ongoing onboarding process promises a promising future for the NJFP fellows, equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed in their respective fields.

The management urges the shortlisted fellows to stay vigilant and connected in order to reap the maximum benefits of this empowering programme.

It is clear that the NJFP programme, through its ongoing onboarding, is diligently working towards creating a solid foundation for young Nigerian graduates.

As the process continues, the NJFP management team stays committed to ensuring that each fellow gets the best opportunity to learn, grow, and excel.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we continue to follow the progress of this youth empowering initiative.

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