NITDA Announces Shortlisted Candidates for Cybersecurity Training

Discover if you have been shortlisted for the NITDA Cybersecurity Training 2023. Engage, learn and network from September 13-17, 2023

A Golden Opportunity Awaits: Are You One of the Chosen Few?

We are back with an exhilarating update for all the enthusiastic individuals who have registered for the highly anticipated NITDA Free Five-Day Cybersecurity Training Program.

Remember when we first announced this opportunity a few weeks ago right here at “NITDA 5 Days FREE Cyber Security Training”?

Well, the moment of revelation has arrived. Let’s unravel the details together!

Phase 1: The Announcement

We are thrilled to inform you that NITDA, in partnership with O-range Cybersecurity Services, has released a crucial update.

The authorities are advising all candidates to keep an eye on their mailbox and SMS notifications. Why, you ask?

To find out if they have been chosen to be a part of this transformative journey!

Yes, it’s time to ascertain whether you have secured a spot in the coveted training program.

Checking Your Status: Here’s How

  • Step 1: Initially, embark on the adventure by diving into your SMS box.
  • Step 2: No message there? No worries! Swiftly move to checking your email inbox.
  • Step 3: Still nothing? Stay connected with the community on WhatsApp for updates and insights.

Phase 2: The Training Ground

So, what’s next for the selected candidates? A riveting, knowledge-packed, five-day training session that promises not just learning but a wholesome experience.

Here’s a snapshot of what awaits you:

Location, Date, and Tools

The training is set to take place in the serene environment of the ODU hall, nestled on Oloffa Way, Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria.

The countdown begins now, leading to Wednesday, September 13, 2023, and culminating on Sunday, September 17, 2023.

What to Bring

  • For PC Owners: If you own a personal computer, it is your golden ticket to a seamless learning experience. Bring it along!
  • For Smartphone Users: Fear not if you don’t own a computer, your smartphone will serve as your gateway to knowledge.

Phase 3: Engaging the Community

We haven’t forgotten those who couldn’t make it to the shortlist.

A vibrant community awaits you where you can engage with the activities remotely via WhatsApp.

Stay Tuned Via

  • WhatsApp Community: A bustling hub where all the action of the five days will be accessible.
  • Email Updates: Stay tuned for more updates and possibilities via email notifications.

As we draw to a close, we couldn’t be more thrilled for the opportunities that await the participants.

Whether you’ll be joining us physically or virtually, we anticipate a rewarding and enriching experience for all.

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What is the duration of the NITDA Cybersecurity Training?

The training spans from September 13 to September 17, 2023.

Where is the training location?

The ODU hall, Oloffa Way, Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Can I participate if I didn’t receive an SMS?

Yes, you can still engage with the community through WhatsApp and email updates.

What should I bring to the training?

If you own a PC, bring it along. If not, a smartphone will suffice.

How can I stay updated on the training activities?

Stay connected via the WhatsApp community and keep an eye on your email for further updates.

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