Nigeria’s 3MTT Program Takes Off: Free Laptops to be Distributed Monthly

The Federal Government of Nigeria has started a new phase in its journey to boost the skills of its youth. This move comes with the distribution of 50 laptops every month. These laptops are for the fellows of the 3 Million Technical Training program also known as 3MTT.

The announcement was made by Dr. Bosun Tijani who is the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy. He shared this news at the event that marked the start of the learning phase for the 270000 fellows who are part of the second group of the program.

Monthly Distribution of Laptops and Routers

The laptops will be given out during the program’s monthly events. At these events, the fellows will show what they have learned and how they are using their new knowledge.

In addition to laptops, five MTN routers will also be given out each month. These routers are part of the learning incentives offered by the program.

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Start of the Learning Phase

The second group of the program began in March. However, the learning phase only started in mid-May. Dr. Tijani thanked the fellows for their patience while the team was getting ready for the start of the sessions.

He mentioned that the program is full of opportunities. He encouraged future groups to stay active and involved.

Success of the First Cohort

Dr. Tijani also talked about the success of the first group of fellows. Many of them have now started internships all over the country. These fellows are taking part in hackathons.

This is where they use their skills in real-world situations and show what they can do.

Goals of the 3MTT Program

The 3MTT program is a key part of the Renewed Hope agenda. This agenda aims to build Nigeria’s pool of technical talent. The goal is to support the digital economy and make Nigeria a major source of talent.

The program started with 30000 participants. Now it has grown to include 270000 fellows in its second group. This is 10 percent of the 3 million target.

Collaboration and Training

The program was set up with the help of government agencies, training providers, educational institutions, development agencies, and the private sector. It offers training in various skills.

These include Digital Marketing, Project Management Software, Cloud Platforms Navigation, Data Analysis and Visualization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), CRM Management, Accounting Software, Graphics Design, and UX/UI Design.

This program is a great step toward empowering Nigerian youth and preparing them for the future. It not only provides them with essential technical skills but also gives them the tools and opportunities to apply these skills in practical settings. This approach ensures that they are ready to contribute effectively to Nigeria’s growing digital economy.

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