Requirements for Nigerian International Passport in Nigeria 2024 | Online Application

Explore the Nigerian International Passport requirements for 2024. Get your Nigerian passport with ease. Find the latest fee structure and application process.

The International Passport’s Importance for Nigerians

For Nigerians who want to go to other countries, having an international passport is really important.

The Nigerian International Passport shows that you’re from Nigeria and helps people know who you are when you travel to other countries.

Before you apply for an international passport in Nigeria in 2024, you need to know what you have to do.

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This guide will give you all the information you need in an easy way that’s easy to understand and follows the rules from Google.

It’s really important to have enough pages in your passport when you travel to other countries.

Here’s a good tip: if you have more pages in your Nigerian passport, it can make your travel easier and you won’t have to go through difficult visa processes as much.

Types of Nigerian Passports

Nigeria offers two primary passport options:

  1. 32 Pages Passport: Ideal for individuals who infrequently travel abroad.
  2. 64 Pages Passport: Designed for frequent travelers to minimize the need for frequent renewals.

NIS E-Passports: Exploring Your Options

The Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) has introduced two electronic passports to cater to different citizen categories. These passports come in distinct colors and are intended for specific audiences:

  • Standard Green: Meant for general Nigerian citizens.
  • Official Blue: Reserved for diplomats and government officials.

Online Passport Processing

Regardless of your location, Nigeria now allows you to initiate the passport application process online, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Budgeting for Your Nigerian International Passport

Prepare to cover the Nigerian International Passport fee in advance. The cost varies based on your age and the selected number of pages. For the latest fee information, consult the official NIS website.

Essential Application Requirements

To avoid delays in your application, ensure you have the following essential documents:

For the Standard Nigerian International Passport:

  • Identification: A local government-issued ID is essential. Options include an ID card or a driver’s license.
  • Proof of age: Utilize your birth certificate or a similar document.
  • Two passport-sized color photos that adhere to the specified guidelines.
  • A guarantor’s oath to verify the accuracy of your application details.

For Minors (Under 18):

  • Parental consent is mandatory.

Name Change After Marriage:

  • Provide appropriate proof if you have changed your name after marriage.

Lost or Stolen Passport:

  • In the event of a lost passport due to theft or misplacement, a police report will be required.

Please stay updated with the passport issuing authority for the latest requirements, as they may undergo changes over time.

For the Official Passport:

You’ll need a formal introduction letter from a relevant government agency.

  • Proof of a legal marriage, if pertinent.
  • Police documentation for misplaced or stolen passports.
  • Your latest appointment or promotion letter.
  • Online Application Process for Nigerian International Passport

To apply online, just follow these steps on the NIS website:

  • Select your passport type.
  • Choose the processing location.
  • Complete the application form.
  • Upload required documentation.
  • Make the online payment.
  • Receive your unique identifier and reference number.
  • Get your physical passport from your local passport office. Now, you’re all set to get a Nigerian International Passport and start your travels.

Application Process

Nigeria offers two types of international passports: the Standard E-Passport, which is available to all Nigerian citizens, and the Official E-Passport, which is only available to government employees who travel for work.

How to Apply for a Nigerian International Passport

Online Registration: Visit the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) website and create an account.

Once logged in, select the type of passport you are applying for and complete the online application form.

Payment and Scheduling: After submitting the application form, you will be required to pay the passport application fee online.

Once the payment is processed, you can schedule an appointment to visit a passport office for biometric data capture.

Biometric Data Capture: On the scheduled date, visit the selected passport office and provide your biometric data, including fingerprints and photographs.

You will also need to submit all required supporting documents, such as a copy of your National Identification Number (NIN), birth certificate, and passport-style photographs.

Passport Collection: Once your biometric data has been captured and your supporting documents have been verified, you will be informed of the date on which you can collect your passport.

Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS)

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has important responsibilities related to passports and the security of Nigerian citizens. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Passport Issuance:
    • The NIS is in charge of issuing international passports to Nigerian citizens.
    • They manage the entire passport application process, starting from online registration to capturing biometric data and ultimately issuing passports.
  2. Security and Integrity:
    • The NIS plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and integrity of Nigerian passports.
    • This involves implementing measures to prevent passport fraud and maintain the credibility of the passport system.
  3. Passport Renewal and Replacement:
    • If your Nigerian passport is expiring or has been lost, damaged, or stolen, the NIS facilitates the renewal or replacement process.
    • The application process for renewal or replacement is similar to applying for a new passport. However, additional documentation, such as a copy of the expired passport or a police report (in the case of a lost or stolen passport), is required.

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What is the cost of a Nigerian International Passport?

The cost varies based on age and the type of passport (32 pages or 64 pages). Refer to the NIS official website for the most up-to-date fee structure.

Can minors apply for an International Passport?

Yes, minors can apply, but they require parental consent and specific documentation.

How long does it take to process a Nigerian International Passport?

The processing time can vary, but with proper documentation and online application, it is typically efficient.

What is the role of the NIS in passport issuance?

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) is responsible for issuing, processing, and ensuring the security of Nigerian passports.

Is there an expedited processing option for passports?

While there is no official expedited option, following the correct procedures can expedite the process to some extent.

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