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Learn About Nigerian Army latest Recruitment for May 3rd 2024. Find out how to Apply for Nigerian Army Recruitment. Know what you need to do and what you need to have.

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The Nigerian Army wants new people to join them! This is called getting enlisted.

If you want to join, there are a few things you need to do. First, you can apply online. You’ll also need to send some papers like your birth certificate and school papers.

After that, you’ll need to show how strong and healthy you are by doing some exercises. The Army also wants to make sure you’re nice to work with, so they’ll check you and ask some questions.

It’s important to know that depending on the job you want, there might be different things you need to do. We’ll learn more about those details next!

Requirements for Recuitment

Here are the main requirements:

  1. Be a Proud Nigerian: Follow the country’s laws.
  2. Age: Between 20 and 30, but if you’re a medical consultant, you can be up to 39.
  3. Health: Must be in great physical and mental shape – no exceptions.
  4. No Tattoos, Piercings, or Special Writings on Body: These are not allowed.
  5. Recommendation: Having a recommendation from a previous employer is good.
  6. Certificate of Origin: You need a certificate proving your state of origin.
  7. Height Requirement: For men, at least 1.68 meters tall, and for women, at least 1.63 meters.
  8. Clean Record: No past illegal activities.
  9. Degree Certificates: You must have valid degree certificates from 2009 onwards.
  10. Birth Certificate: It must be verified by the appropriate authorities.
  11. Referees: You need two referees who are not family members. They should be people with influence who can vouch for your character.
  • They can be a local government official with authority.
  • A military person ranked no lower than Lieutenant Colonel.
  • A high-ranking police officer from your state.

Don’t forget to get attestation letters from them!

If you’re already in the military:

  • You should have an identity card.
  • You need recommendations from your commanding officers.
  • You should have served for at least 5 years.
  • You must not be associated with any suspicious or illegal groups.

Follow these requirements, and you’ll be on your way to joining the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Application Process

Accessing the Portal:

  1. Visit the official Nigerian Army Recruitment portal at
  2. Log in using your provided credentials.
  3. Complete the required information diligently.
  4. Don’t forget to hit the “submit” button.
  5. Before closing the tab, make sure to print out your form, and also print the Guarantor’s form.

Off to the Recruitment Centre:

  1. After printing, sign the forms.
  2. Bring them with you to your designated state’s recruitment center.
  3. This step is extremely important, so please don’t overlook it!

Essential Requirements – Do You Meet the Criteria?

Personal Details and Nationality:

  • To join, you must be a single Nigerian, born and raised here.
  • Get your National Identity Card or NIN ready; it’s needed.
  • Make sure you have a clean record. Only those who follow the law can join.
  • No criminal convictions allowed; keep your record clean.

Educational Benchmarks:

  • You need at least 4 passes in exams like WASCE, GCE, NECO, or NABTEB.
  • You can pass these exams in a maximum of two attempts.

Health and Fitness Standards:

You should be medically, physically, and mentally fit.

Strict health rules apply; no exceptions are made.

Age, Height, and Other Key Metrics:

Age Specifications:

  1. For non-trades applicants, your age must be between 18 and 22.
  2. Tradespersons must be under 26 by 18 December 2024 .
  3. Trades candidates, remember your Trade Test or City Guild Certificate.

Follow these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth journey in your Nigerian Army Recruitment process.

The journey to joining the Nigerian Army isn’t just about ticking boxes.

It’s about the fire in your belly, the passion in your heart, and the readiness to serve. Are you up for it?

Is Nigerian Army Recruitment out ?

The Nigerian Army recruitment is currently not available. You will be informed when it becomes available. To stay updated, please keep in touch with for regular updates.

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When will the training commence after selection?

Training dates will be communicated post the selection process.

Are there any application fees?

The application process is free.

What’s the duration of the recruitment training?

The training duration varies and will be communicated upon selection.

Can I apply if I have a minor tattoo?

Tattoos, regardless of size or location, are not allowed.

What’s the next step after the online application?

Qualified candidates will be notified for the next phase.

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