Nigeria Police Physical Screening 2023: Key Updates & Procedures

Dive deep into the Nigeria Police Physical Screening 2023 with our detailed guide. Learn the processes, tests, and post-screening steps. Stay updated!

Have you ever wondered about the rigors and tests that the candidates go through in the Nigeria Police Physical Screening? Well, let’s dive in!

Introduction to Nigeria Police Physical Screening

The Nigeria Police Physical Screening is an essential step for those aiming to serve and protect as part of Nigeria’s finest.

It acts as the second pivotal phase of the Nigeria Police Recruitment process. But what exactly does it entail?

The Purpose Behind the Screening

We believe that to maintain law and order, officers need to be physically fit and ready for any challenge.

The screening is therefore designed meticulously to evaluate the physical endurance, strength, and agility of every candidate.

Organized in several locations throughout Nigeria, the process is closely overseen by experienced senior police officers.

Who Can Take Part?

Before getting to the Nigeria Police Physical Screening, candidates must triumph over earlier stages of the recruitment drive.

On the D-day of the screening, you should remember to bring along:

  • A valid birth certificate
  • Your national identity card
  • A copy of the online application form
  • A recent passport photograph

The Battery of Tests Awaiting Candidates

So, what’s on the agenda for the day?

  1. Height and weight assessment: Men should stand tall at 1.65 meters, while women at 1.6 meters. Plus, a healthy weight ratio is crucial.
  2. Eye examination: Reading from afar is a must, showcasing the clarity of vision.
  3. Chest expansion: A minimum 5 cm chest expansion showcases lung health.
  4. Breath holding: Can you hold your breath for a straight 30 seconds?
  5. Sit-ups: Aim for at least 20 sit-ups in a single minute.
  6. Push-ups: 20 push-ups in 60 seconds are the golden standard.
  7. Race: Running 100 meters in 14 seconds? Challenge accepted!

Clear all these, and you’re set for the medical screening – the subsequent recruitment phase.

What Happens Post-Screening?

Print Screen Acknowledgement

This is like your golden ticket! After acing the Nigeria Police Physical Screening, candidates are awarded the Print Screen Acknowledgement.

It’s a nod to your eligibility for the next recruitment round. And guess what? Getting it is simple:

  1. Visit the Nigeria Police Force website.
  2. Navigate to the “Recruitment” tab.
  3. Seek out the “Print Screen Acknowledgement” link.
  4. Fill in those all-important NPF details.
  5. Hit the “Submit” button, and voila!

Keeping Track with Print Screen Status

Want to know the fate of your Print Screen Acknowledgement? Here’s how:

  1. Jump onto the Nigeria Police Force website.
  2. Click that “Recruitment” tab.
  3. Find the “Print Screen Status” link.
  4. Punch in your application number and birth date.
  5. Submit and await the news!

Depending on the processing stage, you might see:

  • Pending: Hang in there; it’s in the works.
  • Approved: You did it! Print away.
  • Rejected: A setback, but not the end.

Didn’t Make the Cut? Request a Status Upload

If facing a rejection, don’t despair. A status upload might be your savior:

  1. Head to the Nigeria Police Force site.
  2. Zero in on the “Recruitment” tab.
  3. Click “Ask for Status Upload”.
  4. Enter your application details.
  5. Await email instructions, follow them, and keep those fingers crossed!

From the Nigeria Police Physical Screening to the Print Screen Acknowledgements, every step is crafted to ensure only the best make the cut.

So, ready to step up to the challenge?

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What’s the main aim of the Nigeria Police Physical Screening?

It evaluates the physical fitness and readiness of candidates.

Do I need to bring any documents to the screening?

Yes, essentials include a birth certificate, identity card, application form copy, and a recent photograph.

How can I check the status of my Print Screen Acknowledgement?

Visit the Nigeria Police Force website, navigate to “Recruitment”, then “Print Screen Status”, and input your details.

What happens if my Print Screen Acknowledgement is rejected?

You can request a status upload for a potential review.

Who should I contact for any queries?

Reach out to the Nigeria Police Force Recruitment Office at 08100004507.

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