Nigeria Big News: New Online Portal for Birth and Death Records

President Tinubu is set to launch a new online system for recording births and deaths this Wednesday, marking a major advancement in Nigeria’s use of digital technology for vital records.

President Tinubu’s Big Step Forward

This Wednesday, President Bola Tinubu is going to show everyone a new way to keep track of important life events online. It’s a big change that will make things easier and more up-to-date.

Getting Ready for a Digital Future

Mr. Nasir Kwarra, who is in charge of keeping track of the population, talked about this in Abuja. He said that President Tinubu is making sure we have better ways to keep records of things like births and deaths.

This is part of a plan that goes on until the year 2030 to help reach global goals for how we live and take care of our planet.

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What’s the Plan?

The goal is to make a system that uses computers to keep records of when people are born and die. This means we will move from writing things on paper to using computers.

Working Together to Make it Happen

The Population Commission worked with the UN’s group for children to see if they were ready for this big change.

They found that using computers could really help make things better. So, they decided to work with a company called Barnksforte Technologies Limited to make it happen.

What Will Change?

Here’s what’s new:

  • Everything will be online, like when a baby is born or someone passes away.
  • Organizations can check these records easily online.
  • There will be a special online place where all this information is shown and can be used to make big decisions.
From Old to New

This new portal is a big change from the old ways of writing everything down. It’s going to make sure that Nigeria is doing things the best way possible, like other countries around the world.

More than Just Records

The people who make sure we count everyone in Nigeria have been working on using new technology for the census.

They’ve been making maps with special tools to help with this. This map information will be shared with everyone, both regular people and businesses.

Making Sure Everything Works Together

There’s also going to be a special group that the President will start. This group will make sure everything runs smoothly with these new changes.

To Wrap It Up

President Tinubu is taking a big step to make sure Nigeria is using the latest technology to keep track of important events like births and deaths.

This new system will make it easier for people and businesses to get the information they need.

It’s a big move that will help everyone make better choices and understand what’s happening in the country better.

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