Nestle Nigeria Recruitment 2023/2024 |how to apply

Dive into Nestle Nigeria recruitment for 2023/2024. From job positions to internships, discover how you can be part of this legacy.

Are you looking for an opportunity to work with one of the largest multinational companies in Nigeria? Look no further.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Nestle Nigeria Recruitment for 2023/2024.

Nestle Nigeria’s Hiring Spree

Nestle Nigeria is a household name when it comes to nutrition, health, and wellness.

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Are you aware that they are currently hiring? For those aiming to be part of this reputable firm, this is your chance!

2. Accessing the Recruitment Portal

Nestle has set up a dedicated portal for recruitment purposes.

We recommend visiting recruitment to get a grasp of available positions and the upcoming internship opportunities for 2023.

3. The Various Positions on Offer

From entry-level roles to managerial positions, Nestle Nigeria offers a variety of job opportunities.

For instance, the Manager of Category Development (Culinary) is one of the highlighted roles with a closing date set for July 31, 2023, in Lagos.

Nestle Nigeria Recruitment

Every year, bright minds are given a chance to learn and grow via Nestle’s internship program.

This program isn’t just any internship—it’s an intensive 8-week project management experience.

For 2023, they’re particularly targeting graduates from Nigeria’s top institutions.

How to apply? Simply head over to and ensure you’re ready for both an online test and interview.

Important Nestle Nigeria Recruitment Requirements

Before you get all excited and jump into the application, it’s vital to ensure you meet the basics:

  • Educational Qualification: Primarily, a degree in fields such as Accounting, Economics, Statistics, or Computer Science.
  • Tech Savviness: Competence in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Communication: Strong English proficiency in both spoken and written forms.
  • Experience: Previous job experience would give you an edge.

How to Successfully Apply for Nestle Nigeria Recruitment

Applying might seem daunting, but with these steps, it’s a breeze:

  1. Initial Steps: First, navigate to
  2. Know The Role: Ensure you understand the job description.
  3. Platform Registration: Sign up on their job board.
  4. Documentation: Fill in your application and attach necessary files.
  5. Submit: Once satisfied, hit the submit button.

Key Dates to Remember

A crucial aspect of any application process is deadlines. Nestle makes it easy by listing the closing dates on their job descriptions.

However, always make a note and ensure your application is in before the due date.

Once you’ve applied, it’s all about patience.

Keep an eye on your email, as shortlisted candidates will be notified. And who knows, you might just be one of the lucky ones!

Nestle Nigeria is more than just a company—it’s a hub of innovation and growth.

With its recruitment drive for 2023/2024, many will have the chance to be part of this legacy. So, why wait?

Dive into the world of opportunities that Nestle offers and shape your future today!

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What is the main focus of Nestle Nigeria’s recruitment for 2023/2024?

Nestle aims to bring onboard talented individuals for various roles and internships.

Is prior job experience mandatory?

It’s a bonus but not a strict requirement for all roles.

How long is the Nestle internship program?

The program spans an intensive 8 weeks.

Are there any specific educational fields Nestle is targeting?

Fields such as Accounting, Economics, Statistics, and Computer Science are highlighted.

When will shortlisted candidates be notified?

It varies, but regularly checking your email after application is advised.

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