Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF) Africa Energy Innovation Challenge: Powering the Future

Dive into the 8th NEF Energy Innovation Challenge 2023.

Explore four innovation tracks, benefits, qualifications, and how Africa’s energy landscape is set to transform.

Discover Africa’s untapped energy potential.

Brace yourself for a revolutionary challenge that will transform energy innovation across the continent. Curious? Stay tuned!

The 8th Africa Energy Innovation Challenge

Let’s dive right in. The Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF) is in the limelight again with its 8th Africa Energy Innovation Challenge.

Calling all early-stage energy entrepreneurs from every corner of Africa! This bold initiative awaits your participation. Join now!

And the goal? To collaborate with local research entities or industries in developing a prototype for an energy solution using, you guessed it, local resources.

Unlocking Energy Potential: The Four Tracks

So, where do the innovations lie? Well, the arena is vast, and the competitors have a choice of four distinctive tracks:

Clean Energy Solutions for Agro-industry: Energizing our farms sustainably.
Empowering healthcare & education for a brighter future.

Energizing critical sectors in Africa. Join us!

Smart Metering & Artificial Intelligence: Because who doesn’t want smarter energy solutions?
Cleaner Electrification of Transport/Oil&Gas: Making movement more eco-friendly.
Glimpse into NEF’s Vision
Across Africa, the primary energy challenge is electrifying countless households and businesses rapidly.

The 8th Nigeria Energy Forum 2023 (NEF2023) is more than just a competition.

A commitment to safer, cleaner, universally accessible energy.

Join us in driving change!
Combining capacity building, training, and an unmatched development program.

Benefit everyone from policymakers to industry experts. Join now!

And guess what? Join us to find out!

A hybrid event: Physical and virtual interactions await! Don’t miss out!

What’s in It for the Innovators?

Here’s where it gets juicy.

The NEF Africa Energy Innovation Challenge: More than just an idea showcase. Join us to make an impact!

Winners stand to gain:

  • Cash prize grants of up to a whopping USD10,000.
  • A golden opportunity to pitch their prototypes at the 2023 Nigeria Energy Forum.
  • Game-changing networking opportunities await! Join now!
  • Access to business development workshops and dedicated start-up incubator support.
  • Who Can Ignite the Energy Revolution?
  • Are you between 18 and 35? From Africa?
  • Eager to innovate in the energy sector?

If you nodded (or even mentally acknowledged) to any of these, you might just be the innovator NEF is looking for!

Evaluation process: Standout factors for entries. Discover more!

Catch the evaluators’ eye: Uncover the winning formula!
Local content: Leveraging resources & expertise. Join us for impact!
Originality & Creativity: Introducing fresh, under-researched solutions.
Commercial Viability: Keeping it practical, cost-effective, and roadblock-free.
Clarity: Keeping it succinct yet informative.
Mark these key dates on your calendar. Join the journey!

Call for proposals begins: May 15, 2023.
Early Proposal submission deadline: June 15, 2023.
In-person Event: July 18, 2023.
Final Proposal submission deadline: August 31, 2023.
Shortlist announcement: September 15, 2023.
Grand finale: November 23, 2023.

How to Take the Leap?

So, feeling the spark? If you or your team have the passion, then the next step is simple.

Apply at Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF).

Remember, diversity and inclusion are celebrated, so women-led teams, gear up!
The Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF) Africa Energy Innovation Challenge isn’t just a competition; it’s a movement.

A call for Africa, by Africa, and to the world. Are you ready to be a part of this energy revolution?

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Who organizes the NEF Africa Energy Innovation Challenge?

The Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF) is the proud organizer.

How many tracks are available for innovators to propose solutions in?

There are four innovation tracks.

Is there a cash prize for winners?

Absolutely! Winners can bag cash prizes up to USD10,000.

What age group is eligible to participate?

Young professionals between 18 and 35 years from Africa.

Can teams apply for the challenge?

Yes, teams (even from different institutions or countries) can apply, and women-led teams are highly encouraged.

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