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Explore the NDDC Scholarships for Post-Graduate, know the vision behind it, the courses covered, qualification criteria, and application process.

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), as part of its continuous commitment to development, announces its prestigious Post-Graduate Scholarship program.

But, what is this all about? Let’s dive into it, shall we?

The NDDC Vision

The Niger Delta Region, known for its vibrant culture and vast resources, has faced socio-economic challenges over the years.

But, what’s the silver lining? The NDDC, aiming to provide a concrete solution, aspires to transform the region into an economically thriving, socially cohesive, ecologically vibrant, and politically stable hub.

Sounds promising, right?

The Purpose Behind the NDDC Scholarships for Post-Graduate?

“Knowledge is power,” they say. We believe that by empowering the minds of young Niger Deltans through quality education, they can effectively contribute to local content programs and stand tall on global platforms.

Think of it as planting seeds for a better tomorrow.

Courses Covered

Whether you’re into the intricacies of Environmental Science or the logic behind ICT, this scholarship has got you covered.

Courses under the program include:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • GeoScience
  • Humanities
  • ICT
  • Law
  • Management Science
  • Medical Sciences

What Do You Need to Qualify?

Now, here’s the deal. There are a few hoops to jump through, but the reward?

Absolutely worth it. Requirements include:

  • A First Degree (with at least 2nd Class Lower Division) for Master’s aspirants.
  • A commendable Master’s Degree for those eyeing a PhD.
  • Admission in a recognized foreign university for any of the above disciplines.
  • Note: If you’re already studying abroad, this might not be for you. Sorry!

Additional Requirements

Let’s get a bit more specific. You need:

  • Guarantor’s consent (from notable figures like Assembly Members, Traditional Rulers, High Court Judges).
  • A clean slate (no cult or criminal records).
  • A completed NYSC stint.

Ready to Apply?

Fantastic! Here’s your roadmap:

  1. Head over to the official NDDC website.
  2. Attach your recent passport photo, Local Government ID, University admission letter, degrees, and NYSC certificate.
  3. Fill out the application, get your registration number, and print your acknowledgment form.

Need More Information?

For queries, reach out to the Director of Education at NDDC. Contact details: Mobile: +234(0)9137806550 | E-mail: Foreign.scholarship@nddc.gov.ng.

Wrapping Up

Opportunities like these are rare. So, if you fit the bill, why wait? This might just be the golden ticket to your dreams.

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What’s the purpose of the NDDC Scholarship?

To equip Niger Deltans with training for effective participation in federal programs and to compete globally.

Can I apply if I’m already studying abroad?

No, students already enrolled in foreign universities are ineligible.

Is there a specific course list?

Yes, courses range from Agricultural Science to Medical Sciences.

How can I contact NDDC for more details?

You can call +234(0)9137806550 or email Foreign.scholarship@nddc.gov.ng.

Is NYSC completion mandatory?

Yes, it’s a requisite for the NDDC Scholarships for Post-Graduate.

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