NCEE Registration 2023 Application Form

Explore our complete NCEE Registration Guide and open the opportunity for your child to enter Junior Secondary School!

Navigate the NCEE Registration Smoothly

Struggling to comprehend the NCEE 2023 registration process? Wondering where to start and what pitfalls to avoid? Worry not; we’re here to guide you!

Why the Fuss About the NCEE Registration?

For the uninitiated, the National Common Entrance Examination is no ordinary exam. It’s the gateway to Junior Secondary School education. Are you ready to provide your ward the best academic start?

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Unraveling the Online NCEE Registration Mystery

Registration for the NCEE isn’t akin to scaling Mount Everest. It’s an online journey, and guess what? We’ve mapped out every step for you!

Initiating the NCEE Registration Process

  1. Set sail on your journey by visiting the official NCEE website.
  2. Establish your virtual identity with your phone number and email. Simple, isn’t it?
  3. Energize your account with instructions zapped to your email. Ready to roll?
  4. Wave goodbye to the NCEE Registration fee of N4,500.00. And how, you ask? Use CARD, BANK BRANCH, USSD, INTERNET BANKING, or WALLET. Pick your weapon of choice!
  5. Navigate through the bio-data maze and throw in a snazzy passport-sized photograph. Ready for your close-up?
  6. Print the photo card. Presto! That was fast, wasn’t it?

Key Nuggets to Digest

  • Always trust the official NECO portal for payments. Safety first, right?
  • Locked your details and threw away the key? Changes to name, birth date, or state are as permanent as tattoos.
  • Chose a popular college? Well, life throws curveballs! You might land in an alternative college, thanks to the carrying capacities of Federal Unity Colleges.
  • Remember, the website door shuts at 8:00 am on Saturday, June 3, 2023. Be an early bird!

Demystifying the NCEE Format

The NCEE isn’t just a two-sided coin; it’s a complex puzzle of papers and parts:

Paper I:

  • Part A: Dance with Mathematics and explore Basic Science and Technology.
  • Part B: Dive deep into English and imbibe National Values Education.

Paper II:

  • Part A: Test your Quantitative and Vocational prowess.
  • Part B: Engage with Verbal Aptitude.

Embarking on the NCEE journey? We’ve got your back! Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Questions still clouding your mind? Drop them below! Our army of experts is ready to tackle them.

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What’s the big deal about the NCEE Registration?

It’s your ticket to Junior Secondary School education.

How do I register for NCEE Registration 2023?

Embark on your online adventure at the official NCEE website.

Messed up the details?

Oops! Post-registration changes to details are a strict no-no.

How’s the NCEE structured?

It’s a two-paper challenge with varied subjects to test your mettle.

Missed the registration deadline?

Mark your calendar for 8:00 am on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

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