NASENI and REA’s Renewable Revolution in Rural Areas

Discover how NASENI and REA’s partnership is revolutionizing rural electrification in Nigeria through innovative solar solutions and strategic collaborations.

NASENI and the REA have partnered to broaden renewable energy access in Nigeria’s rural areas, leveraging NASENI’s solar and other sustainable resources to improve rural electrification.

Here, we examine this partnership’s potential impacts.

Strengthening Bonds and Fostering Collaborations

Leadership Insight
The initiative is steered by the robust leadership of NASENI’s Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, Mr Khalil Halilu, and REA’s Managing Director/CEO, Mr. Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad.

Their recent meeting initiated a series of stakeholder engagements to promote the widespread adoption of NASENI’s innovations.

Pledges and Commitments
This collaboration aims to cut rural solar installation costs using NASENI’s local solar panel production.

A Beacon of Hope for Rural Electrification

Federal Government’s Vision
Under the guidance of Salihijo, REA seeks to expedite the Nigerian government’s aspirations to electrify the rural pockets of the nation at an unprecedented pace.

Unveiling NASENI’s Blueprint
Since leading NASENI, Halilu has aggressively sought partnerships with major stakeholders to bolster Nigeria’s scientific infrastructure, fostering rapid growth in the Nigerian economy and business sector.

Strategic Advancements
Going forward, NASENI aims to collaborate with potential customers for its tech and engineering products, integrating their research results and boosting their positive impact on the Nigerian economy.

Broadening Horizons through Mutual Collaborations

Building Bridges with NITDA
In a parallel endeavor, Halilu extended his collaborative outreach to the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), helmed by the Director-General/CEO, Mr. Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi.

Nurturing Local Content and Capacity
In their discussion, the CEOs emphasized the need to develop local resources for national economic transformation.

The conversation allowed for the sharing of managerial insights and resource optimization tactics, leveraging the existing rapport between the organizations and their leaders.

NITDA’s Successful Strategy
Abdullahi introduced NITDA’s streamlined strategy that emphasizes mindset shift and skill development, enabling the agency to surpass 62% of its four-year goals in just two years.

Transposing the Success Blueprint to NASENI
Abdullahi expressed confidence in replicating NITDA’s successful strategy at NASENI, contingent upon the existence of a well-articulated strategic roadmap accompanied by clear vision and objectives.

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