Military’s Triumph Over Illegal Oil Refinery in Delta State

Discover how the Nigerian Military led a triumphant operation against an illegal oil refinery in Delta state, marking a significant victory in the fight against crude oil theft.

Just as a hawk swoops down on an unsuspecting rabbit, so too have the valiant officers of the Nigerian Military made a decisive strike against an illegal oil refinery nestled in Owahwa, Delta state.

Their decisive action, executed in tandem with Civil Defense and the vigilant Tantita Security, led by Tompolo, not only disrupted the illegal activities but resulted in the total destruction of the refinery – a major blow to this illicit operation.

Discovering the Den of Theft

Military Operation
After tireless efforts to surveil and identify the criminals’ operations, the law enforcement coalition made their discovery on July 29.

The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) brought this landmark victory to public attention, reporting that a significant illegal oil refining site had been identified and effectively neutralized.

The Joint Force

This operation included members from the 181 Amphibious Battalion of the Nigerian Army, working under the 6 Division, operatives of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), and the members of Tantita Security.

The Evidence

Upon inspection of the site, the anti-oil theft team discovered an array of tools and materials indicative of illegal crude oil refining activities.

This included 35 modular ovens, 3 fabricated reservoirs, 30 dug-out reservoirs, and 75 galvanized pipes, a setup sophisticated enough to give even the most experienced law enforcement officer pause.

The Historical Context of Crude Oil Theft

NNPC’s Warning

The fight against oil theft has been long-standing.

In 2022, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited drew attention to the escalating problem of crude oil theft, with criminals diverting crude supplies through illegal connections and conducting unlawful refining operations in the Niger Delta creeks.

Statistics on Theft

The Nigerian Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) reports that, between 2009 and 2020, Nigeria has lost an alarming 619.7 million barrels of oil due to crude oil theft.

This crime has heavily impacted the oil and gas industry, leading to reduced revenues and lower hydrocarbon investments.

The Economic Implications

As Nigeria heavily relies on oil and gas assets for its economy, securing these resources becomes crucial.

Nigeria’s current crude production of 1.4 million barrels per day falls short of the 1.6 million barrels per day target set in the 2023 budget plans.

Efforts to Curb Theft

Government’s Response
The government, through NNPCL, is taking an aggressive stance against crude theft, working alongside security agencies and third-party agencies such as Tantita Security.

This crackdown has been timely and necessary.

Recent Incidents

In a shocking report by NNPCL, there were up to 240 incidents of crude theft between July 15 and July 21, specifically in the Niger Delta region across Rivers, Bayelsa, and Delta states

The Nigerian Military’s successful operation against the illegal oil refinery is a triumphant display of determination, resilience, and courage.

It shows that with the right surveillance, collaboration, and decisive action, the fight against oil theft can be won, preserving Nigeria’s economic future and the integrity of its precious resources.

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What was the role of the Nigerian Military in this operation?

The Nigerian Military, together with Civil Defense and Tantita Security, located and destroyed an illegal oil refinery in Owahwa, Delta state.

What evidence was found at the illegal oil refining site?

The joint team discovered 35 modular ovens, 3 fabricated reservoirs, 30 dug-out reservoirs, and 75 galvanized pipes used for illegal refining of crude oil.

How does oil theft affect Nigeria’s economy?

Oil theft leads to reduced revenue from the oil and gas industry, and Nigeria, being heavily dependent on this sector, suffers significant economic impacts.

What actions is the Nigerian government taking against crude theft?

The Nigerian government, through NNPCL, is working with security agencies and third-party agencies like Tantita Security to clamp down on crude theft.

What are the recent stats on crude oil theft incidents?

Between July 15 and July 21, the NNPCL reported up to 240 crude theft incidents in the Niger Delta region.

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