Latest NPower & NASIMS News Today 5th August 2023

Discover the latest NPower & NASIMS News for 5th August 2023, including stipend payments, portal updates, and other exciting developments.

NPower: Bridging the Gap in the Employment Sector

NPower, an initiative under the Federal Government, has been an influential program in empowering the youth through training, recruitment, and subsequent employment.

The buzz around the NPower platform has continued to grow, as we bring you the latest news on recruitment, the NPower portal, stipends, and validation processes.

NASIMS Initiates Batch C2 Outstanding Stipends Payment

Introduction to NASIMS and the Recent Disbursement

NASIMS (National Social Investment Management System), a unit governing the NPower Programme under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, has been vigorously advancing in settling long-awaited stipends.

The massive disbursement for Batch C Stream 2 NPower beneficiaries began on Tuesday via the newly launched Self-Service Portal (SSP).

The Role of the SSP Portal

The advent of the SSP at has modernized the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), enhancing beneficiaries’ accessibility to services, including stipend payments.

With this upgrade, NPower beneficiaries can now receive their stipends in unison and monitor real-time payment statuses, like “processing,” “completed,” or “failed payments.”

Clearing the Backlog: Outstanding Payments

NASIMS is taking steps to clear pending stipend payments for October, November, and December 2022.

This includes the newly shortlisted Batch C Stream 2 beneficiaries who finalized the validation process recently.

Despite different banking channels, beneficiaries can anticipate their payments within 48 hours, though timing might vary.

So, what’s the need for worry? Just sit back and let the process unfold.

NASIMS Updates the SSP Portal: A Mixed Response

Ongoing NASIMS Portal Updates

NPower beneficiaries are witnessing a critical phase due to the ongoing NASIMS portal updates.

While seen as a progressive move initially, some unintended effects have caused concern among existing beneficiaries.

The Unexpected Challenges

A significant issue lies in alterations to beneficiaries’ profiles. Imagine receiving stipends regularly for three months, only to find your status switched to “applicant.”

It’s no wonder beneficiaries are concerned!

NPower’s Response to Concerns

In light of this frustration, NPower’s management calls for patience and urges beneficiaries to withhold any further changes to their profiles during these updates.

It’s like fixing a running car – sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts!

NPower and NASIMS continue to evolve, providing opportunities while facing challenges.

The recent payment initiatives and portal updates are steps towards a more streamlined process, although with some unexpected hurdles.

Like a bumpy road leading to a beautiful destination, these challenges are temporary, and the journey continues.

Stay connected, stay informed, and remember, patience is a virtue.

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What is the new Self-Service Portal (SSP) in NASIMS?

The SSP is a new portal introduced to streamline NSIP and facilitate services like stipend payments to NPower beneficiaries.

How long will it take to receive the stipends through the new system?

The estimated processing time is within 48 hours, although it might vary slightly.

What should beneficiaries do during the ongoing NASIMS portal updates?

Beneficiaries are urged to be patient and avoid making changes to their profiles during the updates.

How can beneficiaries track their payment statuses?

Beneficiaries can monitor their payment records and statuses through their NASIMS SSP Profile.

Who can be contacted if there are payment issues?

Beneficiaries can lodge complaints through the NASIMS SSP Portal or verified Npower Social Media Handles.

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