Lagos Announces Temporary Traffic Diversion for Truck Barrier Installation

Lagos State is introducing nightly traffic diversions at the National Stadium Bridge for truck barrier installations. Know the alternate routes & stay safe

As night begins to drape over the bustling streets of Lagos, we find ourselves facing a temporary shift in the traffic flow.

Lagos State Government, always proactive in ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens, has made a significant announcement that could affect your late-night travels this weekend.

What’s Happening at the National Stadium Bridge?

From Friday, August 11, to the wee hours of Monday, August 13, 2023, the National Stadium Bridge along Funsho William Avenue will experience a nightly diversion.

Vehicles will be rerouted from 10 pm to 6 am. But why this sudden change?

A Timely Installation: Truck Barriers on the Horizon

This isn’t just a random whim of the government.

The core issue is the installation of truck barriers, in line with a prior government decree.

These barriers ensure trucks cross the bridge safely and without posing risks.

Guess where we got this tidbit of info? Straight from the government’s official Twitter handle!

Alternate Paths to Keep Your Journey Smooth

For those nocturnal wanderers and late-night commuters, the journey need not be a maze.

The government, being the efficient planner that it is, has already laid out alternative routes.

Eko Bridge/Constain/Iponri Travelers: If you’re venturing towards Ojuelegba or Alhaji Masha Road, divert to the service lane via Alaka.

Pass through the National Stadium gate and continue to either Barracks or Alhaji Masha Road.

Eko Bridge and Apapa Road Commuters: Those driving via Costain or from Apapa Road through Iponri can smoothly transition to Iponri Estate road.

From there, link up with Bode Thomas through Adeniran Ogunsanya, ultimately reaching the Shitta Roundabout.

But here’s a gentle reminder – Patience is golden! Especially since these diversions are solely nocturnal, crafted strategically to prevent unfortunate incidents.

A Glimpse into the ‘Why’

For those puzzled and curious about the reasons, let’s take a step back.

In January 2021, the Lagos State Government intimated its plans.

Plans to implement night-time operations for trucks and extended vehicles on selected routes.

Why? The consistent traffic snarls and unfortunate accidents caused by these long vehicles mandated a change.

Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, the then Commissioner for Transportation, elaborated on this during a Stakeholders Meeting.

All these changes stem from Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s undying commitment to mitigating road mishaps due to these heavy vehicles.

And come February 2023, a further announcement hit the stands.

Trucks and similar long vehicles were banned from using the Dorman Long and Ojuelegba bridges.

The Traffic Management Agency of the state also received directives to apprehend any truck drivers flouting these rules.

Why the strong approach?” you inquire.

The devastating accidents caused by these large vehicles, resulting in significant loss of lives and property, particularly in these zones, made this action necessary.

witnessing proactive government steps to safeguard citizens is always reassuring.

Through these traffic modifications, Lagos is undoubtedly creating a path for safer, more seamless, and organized vehicular movement.

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Why is there a traffic diversion on the National Stadium Bridge?

The diversion facilitates the installation of truck barriers for enhanced safety.

How long will the diversion last?

It’s a nightly diversion, starting from August 11 till August 13, 2023, between 10 pm to 6 am.

Are there alternative routes available?

Yes, the government has provided alternative routes for the convenience of the travelers.

Why are trucks being restricted?

Due to the frequent accidents and traffic congestions caused by heavy vehicles.

Where can I find official updates from the government?

The Lagos State Government’s official Twitter account is a reliable source for such announcements.

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