Unleashing Your Potential: Lagos State Graduate Internship Programme

Explore the Lagos State Graduate Internship Programme (GIPP), a career-enhancing opportunity for fresh graduates seeking valuable work experience and professional development.

Imagine a platform that not only offers you the chance to kickstart your career but also equips you with the skills required to flourish in your chosen field.

This is exactly what the Graduate Internship Placement Programme (GIPP) is about.

What is the Graduate Internship Placement Programme (GIPP)?

The GIPP, initiated by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in 2020, serves as a bridge connecting fresh graduates with potential employers.

This programme was designed in accordance with the T.H.E.M.E.S Agenda and the Youth Development Programme of the Lagos State administration, marking a major stride in Lagos’s journey to becoming a 21st-century economy.

What Does GIPP Offer You?

The benefits of participating in the GIPP are multifold:

  1. Professional Skill Development: This programme is an excellent platform for candidates to hone their employability and work-readiness skills, making them highly sought-after by future employers.
  2. Financial Support: As a GIPP intern, you’ll receive a monthly stipend of N40,000 for the entire duration of your six-month internship.
  3. Valuable Work Experience: By the end of your internship, you’ll have gained invaluable hands-on experience, bolstered your professional capabilities, and explored entrepreneurial opportunities.

Who is Eligible for the GIPP?

So, are you cut out for the GIPP? The requirements are quite straightforward:

  • You need to have an NYSC certificate or a letter of exemption.
  • You must be a registered resident of Lagos State with Lagos State Residents Registration Agency, LASRRA.

How to Apply to the GIPP

Interested in participating in the GIPP? Here’s your roadmap:

  • Start by visiting the official GIPP website at https://gipplasg.lagosstate.gov.ng.
  • The selection process is completely transparent. After passing an online test, you’ll undergo two weeks of training on employability skills.
  • Successful candidates are then placed on a six-month paid internship with private organizations and selected public agencies, aligning with their qualifications.

The Takeaway

The GIPP is an opportunity like no other.

It’s not just about landing a job – it’s about enhancing your employability, gaining practical experience, and becoming part of the journey towards a 21st-century Lagos.

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What is the Graduate Internship Placement Programme (GIPP)?

The GIPP is a six-month internship programme for early-career professionals to gain work experience and be discovered by employers.

What are the benefits of the GIPP?

Participants can develop professional skills, receive a monthly stipend, and gain valuable work experience.

Who is eligible for the GIPP?

Applicants must possess an NYSC certificate or a letter of exemption and must be registered residents of Lagos State with LASRRA.

How can I apply for the GIPP?

Candidates can apply via the official GIPP website. Successful applicants will then be placed on a paid six-month internship.

Is the selection process transparent?

Yes, the selection process is transparent and involves an online test and a two-week training on employability skills.

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