Lagos Prepares for Heavy Rainfall: Flood Alerts Issued for Key Areas

Alert: Lagos Gears Up for Heavy Rainfall and Flood Concerns | Government Issues Warnings and Safety Measures

Lagos, known for its vibrant lifestyle and bustling streets, is bracing for something less exhilarating: a week of heavy rainfall and potential flooding.

The Lagos State Government has raised the alarm, especially for a few identified regions.

Residents are urged to be prepared and cautious.

Regions on the Watchlist

Between August 14th and 18th, several areas in Lagos are expected to bear the brunt of the heavy downpour:

Lagos Island

Official Statement on the Impending Rainfall

Engineer Lekan Shodeinde, the Permanent Secretary of the Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources, released an official statement detailing the anticipated weather conditions.

The notice warns residents in the highlighted areas to brace themselves for potential flash floods as the rains intensify throughout the week.

Precautionary Measures to Take

The Flood Emergency Warning System (FEWS) Central Hub of the Federal Ministry of the Environment has provided a flood alert advisory.

Heeding these guidelines is paramount for personal safety:

Stay Alert: Residents in the affected areas should remain vigilant during and after the expected rainfall.
Upland Movement: Those living in flood plains or low-lying areas should consider relocating to higher grounds temporarily.
Avoid Wading Through Floods: The intensity of the water during rainfall can be deceptive. Walking or driving through it could result in severe consequences.
Prevention: The main goal is to prevent unnecessary loss of life and property, which can often occur during these flood incidents.

Furthermore, the State government has pledged to intensify cleaning efforts of primary and secondary drains.

In a collaborative spirit, Engineer Shodeinde has appealed to residents to ensure the cleaning of tertiary drains situated in front of their dwellings.

Meteorological Insights

The Nigerian Meteorological Services had previously highlighted in their Seasonal Rainfall Pattern that Lagos would witness above-average rainfall this year.

This is expected to last from June till the end of September, heightening the chances of flash flooding.

National Overview on Flooding

In recent developments, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) added its voice to the chorus of warnings on August 14, 2023.

They identified 19 states and 56 communities that might suffer the adverse effects of severe flooding due to excessive rainfall.

Notable states on this list include:

Cross River
…and many others, spanning several communities.

Flooding in 2023: A Snapshot

The Federal Government shed light on the distressing toll of floods this year:

Displacements: 7,353 persons have been relocated.
Casualties: Sadly, 75 individuals lost their lives.
Affected: A total of 33,983 people have been affected across 10 states.
Agriculture Impact: 866 hectares of farmland have been decimated.
Infrastructure: 1,679 houses have suffered damage.

while the rains are a natural phenomenon, preparedness can mitigate their disastrous impacts.

The collective effort of the government, meteorological services, and the residents will determine how Lagos weathers this storm.

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