Labour Strike on the Horizon: Aviation and Railway Unions Align with the Nigerian Labour Congress’s Planned Actions

In a collective call for change, Nigeria’s prominent aviation and railway unions have joined the Nigerian Labour Congress strike planned for August 2, 2023, against economic hardship.

A Unified Call for Strike by Three Esteemed Unions

Ahead of a momentous day in Nigeria’s labor history, three major aviation and railway unions have firmly directed their members to join the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) strike scheduled for Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

The unions’ strong stand suggests that they will not back down until the NLC determines otherwise.

The Three Unions: Stalwarts in their Field

  • National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE)
  • Association of Nigeria Aviation Professionals (ANAP)
  • National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE)

These unions, powerful advocates for worker rights within their industries, have communicated their stance via an official circular.

This document, bearing the signatures of Comrade Ocheme Aba, the General Secretary of NUATE, Comrade Abdul Rasaq Saidu, General Secretary of ANAP, and Comrade Umoh Ofonime, Deputy General Secretary of NAAPE, leaves no room for ambiguity.

NLC’s Directive and Unions’ Solidarity

The circular emphasizes the affiliation of these unions with the NLC, a bond that is reflected in their resolute support for the planned strike.

The directive from the NLC to embark on nationwide protests against the recent removal of subsidy, a move that has caused significant hardships for workers and the general populace, has been received and echoed by the unions in question.

Moreover, the unions have instructed their respective state councils and branches to engage fully in the protests.

They’re urged to cooperate with all state councils of the NLC in every Nigerian state, starting from the designated date of August 2, 2023.

Railway Unions Joining the Cause

Adding weight to this collective action is the Nigeria Union of Railwaymen (NUR).

In a letter dated July 31, 2023, and signed by its General Secretary, Comrade Segun Esan, the union assured its solidarity with the cause.

It directed the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) to halt all operations and keep all trains at stabling, commencing at the zero hour on August 2, 2023, until the nationwide protests are called off.

In a show of practicality and foresight, the letter further advised the NRC management to use its resources, such as Police, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Man O’ War, and other security apparatus at its disposal, to secure all fixed and movable assets.

This includes workshops, motive power, and rolling stocks.

Consequences and What Comes Next

The letter also spelled out the consequences of the strike, including no admittance to offices, workshops, and premises across the system throughout the protest days.

It further directed its organs in districts/states to kickstart massive mobilisation and organisation of the entire workforce.

This is to ensure their maximum participation in the nationwide protests, in collaboration with state councils, other trade union affiliates, and other organisations.

The rationale behind these actions is clear: the recent fuel pump price surge from N185.00 to N617.00, following the removal of fuel subsidy.

The rise in Value Added Tax (VAT) and tertiary school fees imposed by the Federal Government has triggered a domino effect, causing immense hardship for the working class and the general population.

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Who are the unions involved in the strike?

The rise in Value Added Tax (VAT) and tertiary school fees imposed by the Federal Government has triggered a domino effect, causing immense hardship for the working class and the general population.

When does the strike commence?

The strike is scheduled to start on Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

What is the main reason for the strike?

The main reason behind the strike is the economic hardship on the workers and the masses due to subsidy removal, increase in fuel pump price, Value Added Tax (VAT), and tertiary school fees.

Will the railway and aviation services be halted during the strike?

Yes, the unions have directed the suspension of all operations from the start of the strike.

Who has the final say in the duration of the strike?

The duration of the strike is determined by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC).

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