Kuwait Opens Doors with New Work Permit System

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has announced changes to Kuwait’s work permit system. These changes offer exciting opportunities for expats and businesses.

Let’s explore the details of these updates to ensure a smooth transition for all involved.

Transferring Jobs as an Expat

The new rules give expats two choices for changing jobs. When they work with their current employer for three years, they can move to a new company without needing approval. This lets them look for better job chances and grow professionally.

If waiting three years isn’t good, expats have another option. They can pay 300 Kuwaiti dinars once to change employers before three years. This suits expats who want quick job changes or have great job offers.

Important Considerations for Expat Transfers

Remember, these new transfer rules only apply to private sector workers. Expats in domestic jobs, like house helpers or caregivers, aren’t covered by these changes. They might still need special permissions or follow different steps for job transfers.

Streamlined Recruitment for Businesses

The updated system also helps businesses that want to hire foreign workers. Before, the fee structures for work permits were complicated, making it hard to calculate costs and plan budgets. PAM got rid of this system and chose a simpler one. Now, companies will have a clearer idea of prices, making it easier to hire and plan expenses for their workforce.

Trial Period and Potential Adjustments

Although the simpler fee setup is good news, it’s temporary for now, just a one-year test. The PAM Board of Directors will watch how well it works. Depending on what they see, they might make more changes to make it even better for everyone.

Embracing Digitalization for Efficiency

Kuwait’s shift to a digital job market is great for businesses. The “Ashal” app is easy to use and lets companies handle work permits online. This means no more paperwork or trips to government offices, saving time and money.

A Look Ahead: The “Sahel” Application

“Ashal” is just the beginning of PAM’s digital plans. They’re creating a bigger project called “Sahel” to combine all manpower services into one platform. This app will be a one-stop place for businesses to handle everything about their workforce, like hiring, permits, payroll, and keeping employee records.

Join the Conversation on Worker Safety

PAM shows its dedication to worker safety with the upcoming event “Towards a Safe Work Environment.” This workshop, happening all day, aligns with World Occupational Safety Day. Its goal is to make people aware of making workplaces safe and healthy. Experts from seven government agencies will be there, sharing their knowledge on different parts of workplace safety and health.

The event will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Inspection Procedures: Attendees will learn about the rigorous inspection processes implemented by government agencies to ensure workplaces meet all safety standards.
  • Emerging Safety Protocols: Discussions will address the latest safety protocols and regulations, keeping businesses and workers updated on best practices.
  • Creating a Safe Workplace: Practical methods for building a safe and healthy work environment will be explored, providing businesses with actionable steps to prioritize worker well-being.

Conclusion: A Positive Step Forward

The changes to Kuwait’s work permit system are a good move for the labor market. They give expats more freedom and make it easier for businesses to hire. Putting emphasis on worker safety shows a commitment to making workplaces safer and better for everyone. With these changes, Kuwait can bring in skilled foreign workers and help businesses grow.

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