Kuwait Offers Part-Time Jobs for Foreign residents in Companies

Kuwait Now Offers Part-Time Jobs to People from Other Countries in 2024. They must already have a full-time job and work only 4 hours a day. It’s to help everyone work better together and share jobs.

Kuwait’s New Rule for Part-Time Work

In a big change to help its foreign workers, Kuwait says people from other countries can now work part-time jobs in private companies starting in January 2024.

This is a big move to make better use of the people already in Kuwait and to fix the problem of there being too many foreigners.

Why This Change Happened

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The Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) made this new rule. They want to use the skills of people who are already in Kuwait.

Also, they want to make the number of foreign workers and Kuwaiti citizens more balanced.

What Are the Rules?

There are some conditions for this new rule. Expatriates, which are people from other countries working in Kuwait, can work part-time if they meet these conditions:

  1. They must have a regular full-time job already.
  2. Their full-time job and part-time job should be in the same profession.
  3. The total work hours for both jobs should not be more than 12 hours a day.
  4. They need permission from their full-time employer to work part-time.

Remote Work Is Also Welcomed

In addition to part-time work, Kuwait is also open to the idea of people working from home. This means that some jobs can be done online, which can be a good thing for both expatriates and Kuwait.

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What Does It Mean?

Before this new rule in Kuwait, expatriates (people from other countries working in Kuwait) were not allowed to work for different employers. They were tied to their sponsors and could only work for the company that sponsored them. But now, with the new rule, they can work part-time for other employers, but there are some conditions:

  • They need permission from their original employer.
  • They also need a special work permit from the Public Authority of Manpower (PAM) for the part-time job.

The Current Situation

Right now, Kuwait has strict rules for employment. This includes the kafala system, which ties expatriate workers to their sponsors or employers. If expatriates break these rules, like working without permission, they can be sent back to their home countries.

Kuwait wants to make things more fair between its own people, about 1.5 million Kuwaiti citizens, and the expatriate community, which is much bigger, more than double the number of Kuwaiti citizens. This new rule is one step towards achieving that balance.

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Key Provisions

The new part-time work plan in Kuwait comes with some important rules:

  • You can work a maximum of four hours a day, except in the contracting sector where there’s no limit.
  • The main goal is to make better use of the skilled expatriates who are already in Kuwait.
  • This should help Kuwait rely less on hiring new expatriate workers and make the population more balanced. Right now, more than 67% of the 4.5 million people living in Kuwait are expatriates.

Embracing Remote Work

At the same time, something else is happening in Kuwait. The Interior Minister has told the Public Authority of Manpower that some workers should be allowed to work from home.

This is for jobs where it’s possible to work online from a different place. The authority will make rules to make sure this online work goes smoothly. So, some people in Kuwait might be able to work from home, which can be a good thing for them and their employers.

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Additional Measures

In addition to the part-time work plan, Kuwait is considering more ways to make work flexible:

  • The Interior Minister is looking into letting people in certain jobs work from home. This gives them more options and helps use their skills better.
  • There’s also talk about changing the country’s constitution, but some political groups are against it. They say it’s important to follow democratic rules and not suspend the constitution or parliament.


Kuwait’s new part-time work rule is a way to give more power to expatriates and deal with the country’s population issues. Alongside this, they’re thinking about letting people work from home, and they’re sticking to democratic principles. This shows that Kuwait is focused on making its economy better and taking care of its citizens.

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