Jobs With Visa Sponsorship in a Factory at Romania for Foreign Workers Earn up to $29.66 an hour

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Exploring Lucrative Opportunities in Romania

For expatriates seeking employment opportunities in Romania, the country offers a diverse range of industries to consider.

With a strong emphasis on economic growth and export-oriented manufacturing, Romania has become an attractive destination for foreign workers.

In this article, we’ll explore factory jobs in Romania, complete with visa sponsorship, and delve into the exciting industries driving the nation’s economy.

Growing businesses in Romania

Romania’s telecommunications industry is experiencing rapid growth.

As technology continues to advance, this sector presents enticing job prospects for expatriates looking to work in cutting-edge fields.

Aircraft Industry

The aircraft industry in Romania is also on the rise.

With increasing demand for aviation products and services, foreign workers can find opportunities in this expanding sector.

Machine Building and Manufacturing

Machine building, metals, textiles, and chemicals are key industries in Romania.

These sectors played a pivotal role in the country’s economic development during the early 21st century, with a shift towards global exports.

Contributions to GDP

In 2007, these industries collectively contributed nearly 35% of Romania’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

This underscores their significance in the nation’s economic landscape and highlights the potential for foreign workers to contribute to these thriving sectors.

Construction Industry

The construction industry has also seen substantial growth, constituting approximately 10% of Romania’s GDP.

This expansion has made Romania an attractive destination for foreign property investors.

Infrastructure Development

Romania is currently engaged in major infrastructure development projects, including the expansion of its motorway network.

These projects offer employment opportunities and further enhance the appeal of working in Romania.

Booming Car Production

Car production is another booming industry in Romania, with local manufacturers like Dacia making significant strides.

Dacia’s Logan model, for instance, became the best-selling new car in Central and Eastern Europe during the first half of 2007.

Job Opportunities in Romania: A Guide for Foreign Workers

Unlocking Romania’s Booming Job Market

Romania stands out as a promising destination in Eastern Europe, particularly in the field of Information Technology (IT).

In 2013, the country boasted approximately 64,000 IT specialists, ranking highest in Europe and sixth globally when considering its overall population.

This thriving IT sector, alongside other burgeoning industries, makes Romania an attractive choice for foreign workers seeking new career horizons.

Exploring Job Opportunities

Print Media and Online Resources

While national newspapers in Romania do publish job listings, it’s important to note that they are typically available only in Romanian.

However, several English-language resources can help foreign job seekers.

Websites like

  1. The Diplomat
  2. Bucharest
  3. Nine O’Clock
  4. Ziarul Financiar

These websites provide job listings and valuable insights into the local job market.

Specialized Job Search Websites

If you’re seeking specific job opportunities in Romania, consider utilizing specialized job search websites tailored to your needs:

  1. British Council Romania (especially for those interested in teaching English): The British Council’s website in Romania can be a valuable resource for individuals interested in teaching English as a foreign language. They often post teaching vacancies and provide information about English language teaching programs and opportunities.
  2. EURES (the European Job Mobility Portal): EURES is a European platform that facilitates job mobility across European countries. It can be an excellent resource for finding job opportunities in Romania, especially if you are looking for cross-border employment within the European Union.
  3. National Agency for Employment (NAE) Romania: The NAE is a government-controlled organization that plays a central role in Romania’s labor agency. While its website may primarily be in Romanian, it can be a crucial resource for job seekers in Romania, as it offers information on employment regulations, job openings, and support services.

Language Considerations

Mastering the Romanian language or finding ways to translate web content can be advantageous when seeking job opportunities in Romania. While many employers may accept applications in typed letters, some may still prefer handwritten application letters. Furthermore, in line with EU regulations, Romanian employers typically accept credentials during the application process.

Navigating Job Interviews

Job interviews in Romania follow a structure similar to those in many other countries and should focus on demonstrating why you are the ideal candidate for the position. It’s essential to be prepared for the possibility of multiple interviews, especially for certain roles. An advantage for foreign applicants is that interviews are commonly conducted in English, which can ease the communication process during the hiring process in Romania.

Romania Factory Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

Exploring Opportunities: General Packers and Labourers

Are you thinking about working in a Romanian factory with visa sponsorship? If so, let’s take a closer look at the roles and expectations for General Packers and Labourers in this exciting job market.

  1. Responsibilities

As a General Packer or Labourer in Romania, your role includes various tasks and responsibilities:

Working in a Team

You’ll be a vital part of a well-established team, contributing to general labor tasks and possibly more specialized roles within the factory.

Compliance and Contribution

It’s essential to follow and actively support our Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) guidelines, Quality Assurance Standards (QAS), and training programs. This ensures a safe and efficient work environment.

Transportation Requirements

Having a working vehicle for commuting to and from work is a requirement for this position. Make sure you have reliable transportation to meet this requirement.

Embracing Teamwork

Our workplace thrives on cooperation and a friendly atmosphere. Being a team player, collaborating effectively with colleagues, and promoting a positive work environment are crucial aspects of this role.

Recognition and Career Growth

We highly value your dedication, attendance, and hard work. Successful individuals have the opportunity to secure a full-time position and explore various career advancement options within our organization.

About Beef City: Your Opportunity Awaits

If you’re eager to explore the opportunities at Beef City, here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

Experienced Training: At Beef City, we prioritize quality training for all our new employees. Our seasoned staff is committed to providing the guidance and knowledge necessary for you to excel in your role.

Full-Time Job Openings: Currently, Beef City has exciting full-time job openings available across all production floors and shifts. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or seeking a new opportunity, Beef City offers options to suit your needs, including both day and afternoon shifts.

Q-Fever Testing and Immunization: The health and safety of our workforce are of utmost importance at Beef City. As part of our commitment to a safe working environment, Q-Fever testing and immunization protocols are mandatory. Our on-site nurse is available to assist you in arranging your Q-Fever immunization, ensuring your well-being while you contribute to the success of Beef City.

Your opportunity for growth and fulfillment awaits at Beef City. Join us, and be part of a team where training, job openings, and health protocols are prioritized for a thriving and secure work environment.

Key Qualities for Success

To thrive at Beef City and secure a permanent career, several qualities are highly valued:

  • Dependability: Consistency and reliability are essential traits that contribute to your success at Beef City.
  • Positive Attitude: A positive mindset can create a more productive and enjoyable work environment for everyone.
  • Good Communication Skills: Effective communication fosters teamwork and ensures tasks are carried out efficiently.
  • Eagerness to Work: A strong work ethic and enthusiasm for your role can open doors to long-term career opportunities.

Beef City is not just a workplace; it’s a place where you can build a rewarding and lasting career.

If you possess these qualities and are ready to take the next step in your professional journey, Beef City welcomes you to explore the possibilities within our organization.

Benefits at a Glance

Here are the good things about joining our team in the food making industry:

1. Steady Job

You can stay with us for a long time and have a job that won’t go away. We’re famous in the food-making world.

2. Free Stuff

Don’t worry about bringing your work stuff. We give you all the things you need to work safely and comfortably, like clothes and safety gear.

3. Cheap Meat

Save money on meat! We have a special meat store just for you. You can buy meat at lower prices there, so you can enjoy tasty meals without spending too much.

4. Learn New Things

Make yourself better in your job. You can get certificates and diplomas to show you’re really good at what you do.

Some examples are:

  • Certificate II in Meat Processing
  • Certificate III and IV in Meat Safety
  • Certificate IV in Quality Assurance
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessing
  • Certificate IV in Lab Technology
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety
  • Get a diploma in the thing you’re best at

Are you ready to get all these good things and start a fun and rewarding job with us?

Click Here to Apply Online

About the Role

Join our team as a Production and Warehouse Assistant and play a crucial role in ensuring manufacturing excellence and warehouse efficiency. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Assisting in meeting line standards for manufacturing runs and maintaining standard conditions and routines.
  • Supporting warehouse operational standards.
  • Embracing a “zero injury, defect, waste” mindset and promoting behaviors that prioritize Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality.
  • Ensuring that all tasks align with quality, compliance, safety, dependability, and cost standards.


To excel in this role, you should:

  • Demonstrate safe work habits.
  • Possess excellent communication abilities.
  • Uphold a strong work ethic and maintain a professional and positive attitude.
  • Work effectively in a team environment.
  • Have basic knowledge of computers.

Romanian Social Security

Romania boasts an excellent social security system, offering various forms of support:

  • Old-Age Pension: Eligible individuals, upon reaching retirement age and fulfilling contribution requirements, are entitled to an old-age pension under the first pillar (public pension system). Retirement age for men is 65, while for women it is 59 years and 7 months, with a minimum contribution duration of 15 years as of January 2015.
  • Survivor Pension: Spouses or children of deceased first-pillar pensioners are eligible for survivor pensions, provided the survivor is a spouse married for at least ten years and all recipients are of retirement age.
  • Invalidity Pensions: Individuals who have lost at least half of their working capacity due to injury or disease, including occupational accidents and diseases, are eligible for invalidity pensions, without a minimum contribution period requirement.
  • Unemployment Compensation: If involuntarily unemployed, you can file a claim for unemployment compensation within 12 months of job loss, with an obligation to actively seek employment.

As an expatriate in Romania, you’ll be assigned a social security number, with contributions deducted by your employer.

However, if you relocate to a country without a social security agreement with Romania, your benefits may be affected.

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