Job Opening in Landscaping in France – Earn 31,000 Euros a Year Apply Now !

Land a Garden Coordinator job in France with a 31K euro yearly salary. Great for those with landscaping skills and customer service experience.

Apply now with Manpower France – they support diverse applicants, including those with disabilities.

Job Opportunity: Garden Coordinator

Are you passionate about gardening and skilled in earthwork, land transformation, customer relations, and equipment maintenance?

Join our client, a well-established company with 40 years of experience in garden coordination.

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We are currently seeking a Garden Coordinator to become an integral part of our team.

Key Qualifications:

  1. Gardening Skills:
    • Experience in earthwork and land transformation.
    • Proficiency in enhancing and maintaining garden spaces.
  2. Customer Relations:
    • Strong interpersonal skills for effective client interactions.
    • Ability to understand and meet customer needs.
  3. Equipment Maintenance:
    • Proficient in the maintenance of garden equipment.
    • Ensure tools and machinery are well-maintained.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Garden coordination training.
  • Possession of a B license.
  • Previous experience in construction or flooring.

If you possess these qualifications and have a deep love for gardening, we invite you to apply for the Garden Coordinator position.

Join our team and help us create beautiful and thriving garden spaces for our valued clients. Your expertise can make a significant difference in our mission.

Join Our Enthusiastic Team

Are you really into your work and like helping customers while working on your own? Do you also enjoy working with a team? If you do, you should think about applying for the exciting job of Garden Coordinator.

Don’t Wait, Apply Now!

We want everyone to apply, including those who might have disabilities. We believe in equal opportunities for all.

Over 65 Years of Expertise

Manpower France has been helping people find jobs for more than 65 years.

Impressive Reach

We have more than 3,500 employees who are dedicated to helping people like you find temporary jobs every day.

We work with around 40,000 companies all across France.

Permanent and Temporary Job Solutions

We help about 22,500 people get permanent or fixed-term jobs every year.

We have 650 temporary offices and 100 job agencies all over the country.

Expertise at Your Service

Manpower has a new way of finding experts and leaders in different job areas.

We have 50 offices with over 100 advisors who are skilled in nine important job fields.

We’re here to connect people like you with great job opportunities.

Working in Landscaping in France

If you are a garden coordinator or a landscaping professional, France offers numerous job opportunities in this field.

Manpower France can assist you in finding these jobs, as they collaborate with various organizations and value diversity.

This is your chance to apply and showcase your skills, embarking on a rewarding career journey.

Are you interested in exploring these opportunities? Sign up now and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in garden coordination and related areas.

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How to get a landscaping job with Manpower France?

Go to their website, look for jobs in landscaping, and apply. You can also talk to their agencies that find people for expert jobs.

What do I need to be a garden coordinator in France?

It’s different for each job, but it helps to have training in garden work and a B license for driving. If you know about building and putting in floors, that’s good too.

Does Manpower France welcome all workers?

Yes, they have rules to make sure they give chances to everyone, including people with disabilities.

How many temp agencies does Manpower France use?

They have 650 temp agencies to help a lot of people find work.

What’s Manpower’s new thing for finding expert workers?

They made a new group with 50 agencies and more than 100 people to help businesses and workers find jobs that need special skills.

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