Job in Canadian Kitchens with Visa Sponsorship for Global Workers (Hourly Wage: $15.50, 40 Hours per Week)

Find kitchen jobs in Canada. They pay $15.50 an hour. Canada is nice and safe. You can work in places like Dartmouth and Edmonton. Do simple tasks like cleaning and serving food. Apply online.

Canada is a big and beautiful country with lots of good things. It has the longest coastline in the world, Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, maple syrup, and ice hockey.

Canada is also very safe, which means not a lot of bad things happen here. People say it’s one of the best and most peaceful places to live.

People from other countries like Canada because they speak English here, mostly. In one part called Quebec, they speak French. People from other countries often go to cities like Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton, Oakville, and St. Albert in Canada. People in Canada are very nice and friendly.

If you want to work in Canada, it’s usually easier for Canadian people to get jobs. But there are also jobs for people from other countries, and you can find them on the internet.

To find a job in Canada, you can start by visiting these websites:

It’s also a good idea to talk to people you know in Canada, like family, friends, or coworkers. They might help you find a job.

When you apply for a job in Canada, you’ll do it kind of like you do in the United Kingdom. You’ll fill out an online form or send a résumé. If they like your application, they might invite you for an interview.

In Canada, they usually want a résumé instead of a CV and cover letter like in the UK. A résumé is shorter and focused on the job you’re applying for.

Here’s an example of a kitchen job in Canada:

  • Job: Kitchen helper
  • Location: Dartmouth, NS
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Category: Catering
  • Salary: $15.50 per hour, working 35 to 40 hours per week.

Here are the things you need to do in this job:

  1. Set tables and bring clean dishes, forks, spoons, and other things to where people eat.
  2. Clean and make sure things like mats, trolleys, and devices for throwing away trash are clean and safe.
  3. Use machines to wash dishes, glasses, and silverware. Put these clean things in their proper places.
  4. Scrub pots and pans to make them clean.
  5. Make simple meals, heat them up, and get them ready to serve.
  6. Serve food to customers at counters or buffet tables.
  7. Make sure the kitchen is clean and safe. Clean the counters, cabinets, places to keep things, machines, and tools.
  8. Get supplies, open them, and store them in the right places like fridges, freezers, cupboards, and more.
  9. Take out all the garbage and trash from the kitchen.
  10. Keep the kitchen knives sharp.
  11. Sweep, mop, wash, and make the floor shiny.
  12. Wash, peel, and cut fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a job listing for a food counter attendant:

  1. Job: Food counter attendant
  2. Company: Kluane Energy Limited Partnership
  3. Location: 11152 – 82 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB
  4. Type: Full-Time
  5. Category: Catering
  6. Salary: $15.50 per hour, working 35 hours per week.


When it comes to maintaining a hygienic environment, every detail matters. Start by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing dishwasher mats, trolleys, and waste disposal devices. Ensure that tables, trays, and chairs are not only clean but also free of any debris. Use dishwashers for washing dishes, glasses, and flatware, and arrange them neatly in the designated storage area. Pay close attention to restocking condiments and other essential supplies on tables and in service areas. Remember to hand-sanitize and wash plates, glasses, and utensils with care. Additionally, don’t overlook the importance of giving pots and pans a meticulous scrubbing to remove any stubborn residue.

Job Title: Cook’s Helper


  1. Prepare tables and bring clean dishes, silverware, and other items to serving areas.
  2. Clean and sanitize dishwasher mats, trolleys, and waste disposal devices.
  3. Ensure tables, trays, and chairs are clear and clean.
  4. Use dishwashers to clean dishes, glasses, and silverware.
  5. Store clean dishes in the designated storage area.
  6. Replenish condiments and other supplies on tables and in service areas.
  7. Regularly sanitize hands and wash plates and other utensils.
  8. Scrub pots and pans to maintain cleanliness.
  9. Keep a record of the amount of food consumed.
  10. Prepare, heat, and finish simple meal items that are portioned and wrapped.
  11. Serve customers at countertops or buffet tables.
  12. Ensure refrigerators and salad bars are well-stocked.

To apply online for Canada kitchen jobs, please click on the following link: Apply Online

Visiting or Moving to Canada: Important Information

Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

If you want to go to Canada, you usually need a visa or something called an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) before you can enter. To find out which one you need, go to the Government of Canada website and answer a few questions.

Travel Documents You Need

When you visit Canada, you must make sure you have the right travel documents. Here are the main things you need:

  1. Be a Good Person: You must follow the rules and be a good citizen in your own country.
  2. Money for Your Trip: You should have enough money to pay for your trip and expenses while you’re in Canada.
  3. Be Healthy: It’s important to be healthy and not sick when you come to Canada.

Working in Canada

If you want to work in Canada, you usually need permission. There are different types of work permits. To find out which one is right for you, visit the Government of Canada’s Work Permits website.

Permanent Residency

If you plan to live in Canada for a long time, you can think about becoming a permanent resident. Keep in mind that the rules for this can change, so check with Immigration and Citizenship for the latest information.

Language Requirements

In Canada, people speak English and French. In most places, knowing English is enough. But in Quebec, they mainly speak French. In some parts of Canada, you might hear both languages.

English Tests

If English is not your first language, you might need to take a test to show you can speak English well. There are two important tests for Canada:

  1. IELTS – International English Language Testing System: This test checks your English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Many people use it for Canada.
  2. CELPIP – Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program: This test is made just for Canada. It looks at your English skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

About Job Bank

Job Bank is Canada’s national job search service, available through a website and mobile app.

Its main purpose is to help Canadians find jobs and plan their careers, while also making it easier for employers across the country to recruit and hire employees.

Employment and Social Development Canada manages Job Bank in partnership with provincial and territorial governments, acting on behalf of the Canada Employment Insurance Commission.

Job Bank has evolved significantly from the days of paper job ads on bulletin boards. With nearly a century of experience, it has been crucial in assisting Canadians in achieving success in the labor market.

Job Bank believes that making informed career decisions leads to better job outcomes.

To achieve this, they provide quality information and regularly monitor the labor market.

They collect and analyze the most up-to-date data on employment trends and opportunities across Canada, aiming to share this information in a logical manner to benefit all Canadians.

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