Igniting SME Hubs to Boost Employment and Exports

Discover how Lagos State in Nigeria is igniting SME hubs to boost employment and exports.

This article explores the government’s commitment, partnerships with development organizations, prioritization of labor, and the expected outcomes in terms of economic growth, job creation, poverty reduction, and GDP increase.

Learn how Lagos State aims to leverage its manufacturing potential and support MSMEs for sustainable development and a globally competitive economy.

In a world where countries are more connected than ever, governments are searching for fresh and innovative methods to help their economies grow and get better.

One strategy gaining traction is the focus on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

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Lagos State in Nigeria, the economic powerhouse of the nation, is leading the charge in this direction.

Lagos State’s Commitment

The Lagos State Government (LASG) recently announced its commitment to collaborate with development partners to foster the growth of SME hubs.

The objective? To strengthen exports, create jobs, and ultimately, reduce poverty levels.

Equipment and Manufacturing West Africa 2023 Conference

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Cooperatives, Mrs. Adetutu Ososanya, revealed this commitment at the Equipment and Manufacturing West Africa 2023 Conference, a partnership with the Nigerian-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event’s theme was Reigniting Manufacturing to Drive Economic Growth and Development.

Encouraging Partnerships and Strengthening Exports

Through the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives and other related ministries, departments, and agencies, Lagos State aims to increase economic production and export.

They plan to achieve this by facilitating the support of multilateral partners and organizations for the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

This move signals an era of strengthened partnerships and collaborations between public and private sectors.

Revitalizing Domestic Capabilities

For many years, Nigeria has relied heavily on imports, often overlooking its domestic productive capabilities.

Ososanya noted that a vibrant manufacturing sector and a substantial volume of exports are critical to the country’s economic development.

This strategy aims to reverse this trend and revitalize Nigeria’s domestic production capabilities.

Prioritizing Labor and Investments

Furthermore, Lagos State plans to prioritize labor to encourage more investments within the state, with a keen focus on strengthening the coordination and implementation of its economic policies.

Impact on Poverty and GDP

According to Ososanya, these initiatives will lead to increased production, job creation, and eventually, a significant decrease in poverty levels.

the state’s overall economic production, measured as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), will experience significant growth.

Lagos State’s Ambition

Under the dynamic leadership of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State, Nigeria’s industrial and economic capital, aims to sustain and further grow the state’s industrial sector.

The administration seeks to transform Lagos into a globally competitive economy.

Focusing on Industrial Estates, Hubs, and Enterprise Zones

Lagos State is paying more attention to its industrial estates, hubs, and enterprise zones to support and strengthen the operations of MSMEs.

This support will significantly contribute to sustainable development in Lagos and the broader Nigerian economy.

Supporting Manufacturing Potential

It is high time for the Nigerian Government and Nigerians to support and further develop the manufacturing potentials of the nation.

Our vibrant population and abundant resources are our key assets, and we should leverage them for our socio-economic growth.

The Manufacturing Sector’s Impact

The manufacturing sector plays a significant role in driving sustainable economic growth and development.

It creates employment opportunities, supports agriculture, diversifies the economy, and increases the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

Moving Forward in the Sector

To instigate forward movement in the manufacturing sector, there’s a need to leverage cutting-edge technology, effective and efficient production processes and management, and a vibrant workforce.

Appreciation to the Private Sector

Ososanya commended the Organized Private Sector’s valuable role in ensuring that the manufacturing sector continues to thrive, even in the face of a harsh operating environment.

Lagos State Government’s Pledge

The Lagos State Government promised to continue evolving sound policies to provide the much-needed roadmap and support for the journey to economic recovery and prosperity.

Lagos State’s commitment to establishing SME hubs to create jobs and improve exports is an inspiring blueprint for sustainable development.

By capitalizing on its manufacturing potential and prioritizing labor, Lagos is poised for a future marked by economic growth and prosperity.


What is the aim of Lagos State Government’s SME initiative?

The initiative aims to strengthen exports, create jobs, and reduce poverty levels.

Who are the main people involved in this effort?

The Lagos State Government, in collaboration with development partners and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, are the key players in this initiative.

What sectors are expected to benefit from this initiative?

The initiative will largely benefit the manufacturing sector, thereby diversifying the economy and increasing the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

What role does the private sector play in this initiative?

The private sector plays a critical role in ensuring the continued growth of the manufacturing sector, despite a harsh operating environment.

What are the results that are expected from this effort?

The initiative is expected to increase economic production and export, lead to more job creation, significantly decrease poverty, and increase Lagos State’s GDP.

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