How to Successfully Change NYSC Date of Birth and Course 2024

Learn how to correct your birthdate and course details for NYSC easily. If you made mistakes when signing up, don’t worry! You can fix them. Use the NYSC website or visit a NYSC camp or JAMB office.

The NYSC Change of Date of Birth and Course is a way for people who are going to join the National Youth Service Corps to fix any mistakes in their personal details.

These details include their birth date and what they studied in school.

Sometimes, when they sign up for NYSC, there might be errors in these details.

Fixing these mistakes is important because if the information is wrong, it could cause problems when they are getting ready to start their service.

How to Correct Your Date of Birth for NYSC

If you need to fix your date of birth for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), you can do it in three different ways:

1. NYSC Portal

You can change your date of birth on the NYSC portal. First, buy a ‘WAEC Results Check PIN’ from certain banks.

Then, log in to the NYSC dashboard and find the “Change Date of Birth” section. This way, your date of birth will be updated using your WAEC profile information.

2. NYSC Orientation Camp or Secretariat

If you want to make corrections at the NYSC orientation camp or secretariat, gather some important documents like your NYSC Call-Up Letter, Statement of Result/Certificate of Graduation, and a sworn affidavit confirming the correct details.

It’s better to do this before you get to the orientation camp.

3. JAMB Office Since NYSC uses the information you provided to JAMB to determine your date of birth, you can also make changes at the JAMB office.

Visit the nearest JAMB office and ask them to update your date of birth. After that, make sure to inform the Students Affairs Directorate in your school about the change so that it reflects correctly in NYSC records.

Remember, it’s important to fix any date of birth discrepancies before you reach the orientation camp.

If you try to correct it at the camp, it might involve more steps and paperwork.

NYSC wants your personal information to be accurate, so follow these steps for a smooth and correct registration process.

How to Correct Your Date of Birth through the NYSC Portal

If you need to fix your date of birth on the NYSC portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official NYSC website at
  2. Log in to your dashboard using your login details.
  3. Click on the “Date of Birth” link.
  4. Provide the required information, which includes your WAEC Verification PIN, WAEC Type, Year of exam, and Examination Number.
  5. Click the “Verify” button, and then you can choose to either submit the changes or cancel if needed.

How to Apply for a Change of Course of Study

If you want to change your course of study, here’s what you should do:

  1. Log in to your NYSC account.
  2. Click on the “Correction of Course of Study” link.
  3. Select the correct course of study from the options provided.
  4. Finally, click the “SUBMIT” button to save the changes.

These steps will help you correct your date of birth and apply for a change of course of study through the NYSC portal.

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