Housekeeping Jobs in Scotland with Visa Sponsorship ($16 per hour)

Discover housekeeping jobs in Scotland with visa sponsorship at $16/hour. Explore eligibility, duties, and benefits for domestic assistants. Find unskilled job opportunities for foreigners in Scotland

The dedicated domestic assistant actively collaborates with other skilled staff members as an essential member of the care team.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure the cleanliness and security of the living area, creating a comfortable environment for service users and personnel alike.

Atlas Real Estate Agency is currently expanding its workforce and welcoming foreign nationals who possess the legal right to work in the UK, with visa sponsorship options available.

Once you’ve completed your 12-week trial period, you can start taking advantage of the employee benefits associated with this position.

While the role doesn’t have many training requirements, it’s important to note that it can be physically and mentally challenging.

To learn all about what you need, what you’ll do, and what you’ll get in domestic assistant jobs in Scotland, including details about perks and visa help, check out the page linked below.

Position Details

  • Job Country: Scotland
  • Industry: Domestic/Housekeeping Services
  • Job Type: Domestic Assistant
  • Minimum Experience Required: None
  • Education Required: Basic English Proficiency
  • Age Limit: No Restrictions

Visa Sponsorship and Relocation Packages Available

  • Employment Term: Temporary and Full-Time (Option for Visa Extension)
  • Competitive Salary: £16 per Hour

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To Be Eligible, Candidates Must:

To be qualified for this job, you should:

  1. Understand the Rules in the Health and Social Care Act of 2008: Familiarize yourself with the regulations outlined in the Health and Social Care Act of 2008.
  2. Handle Stress, Prioritize Tasks, and Communicate Well with People at All Levels: Be capable of managing stress, organizing tasks efficiently, and communicating effectively with individuals at various levels within the organization.
  3. Have a Real Desire to Work in Social Care: Possess a genuine passion and interest in working in the field of social care.
  4. Show Kindness and Care Towards Others: Exhibit compassion and care towards individuals under your care.
  5. Work Well in a Team: Be able to collaborate effectively as a part of a team.
  6. Be Ready to Work in a Physically and Mentally Tough Environment: Be prepared to work in an environment that can be physically and mentally demanding.

Duties for a Domestic Assistant:

In this section, we outline the responsibilities of a Domestic Assistant:

1. Remember Our Company’s Mission:

  • Keep in mind the overarching mission of our company.

2. Check Building Condition:

  • Regularly inspect the building, including lights, furniture, ceilings, walls, and floors, to ensure everything is in good condition.

3. Follow Waste Disposal Rules:

  • Adhere to waste disposal guidelines, such as emptying trash cans daily and sorting waste correctly.

4. Clean Inside of Windows:

  • Clean the inside of windows monthly using the appropriate cleaning products and tools.

5. Bedroom Maintenance:

  • Rotate weekly between maintaining bedrooms, which includes tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and changing linens.

6. Communal Area Cleaning:

  • Keep communal areas clean on a daily basis through tasks like vacuuming, mopping, and disinfecting surfaces.

7. Restroom and Bathroom Cleaning:

  • Clean and restock rooms, sinks, toilets, and bathrooms daily to maintain cleanliness and ensure supplies are well-stocked.

8. Follow COSHH Rules:

  • Adhere to COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) rules for proper chemical storage, including labeling, storage practices, and safety checks.

9. Manage Inventory:

  • Ensure dispensers and paper supplies are consistently available by managing and replenishing inventory carefully.


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Located in northern Europe, Scotland often has rain and not much sunlight, which makes it humid.

The country boasts stunning highlands and majestic mountains, offering tourists unparalleled natural beauty.

People from the EU, EEA, Switzerland, and some parts of Ireland can visit Scotland without a visa for up to six months because it’s connected to the United Kingdom.

But if you want to stay longer, you’ll need to apply for a visa.

Different Types of Visas Required for Entry by Foreign Nationals

This article will mainly discuss jobs in Scotland that people from other countries without special skills can do.

But before we look at the list of these jobs, let’s first understand what unskilled jobs are.

What Is an Unskilled Job?

  • An unskilled job doesn’t need much, if any, special training or expertise.
  • Unskilled workers have jobs that don’t require specific skills.
  • They can be hired when needed and usually don’t need much training.
  • These jobs are often temporary, with few chances to move up or get extra training.

Unskilled Jobs in Scotland for Foreigners

Since most foreigners in Scotland are there on temporary visas, they must take part-time employment to support themselves.

The best job for a foreigner is typically one that doesn’t require a lot of skill.

Here are some examples of low-skilled jobs that visitors can do in Scotland:

Transport Driver

Transport drivers are employed by various businesses and play a crucial role in getting people to their destinations.

They handle payments, plan routes based on weather and traffic conditions, maintain vehicle cleanliness, and provide local knowledge.

Scotland’s robust transportation network supports around 360,000 companies.

Food Production Worker Food production workers assist in preparing meals in establishments like restaurants, hospitals, and schools.

They are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean and ensuring food is stored properly.

Scotland has a significant number of food and beverage businesses, both small and well-known international brands.

In 2022, exports in this industry increased by 31%.

Security Guard

Security personnel are essential for safeguarding facilities and personnel.

They watch over the area, use special equipment to keep an eye on things, make sure only the right people can get in, and write down what happens.

Scotland’s security industry employs around 35,000 people and has direct revenues of approximately £500 million.

Construction Worker

Scotland needs approximately 4,000 additional construction workers each year, but misconceptions about pay and effort deter people from applying.

The construction industry in Scotland is really important because it adds 11% to the money the country makes, and it helps Scotland reach its goal of producing no net greenhouse gas emissions.

A construction worker in Scotland earns an average of £25,054 per year.

Sales Representative

Salespeople promote and sell goods and services by adapting their solutions to the customer’s needs through effective communication.

In Scotland, a sales representative earns an annual income of £24,270.

Farm Worker

Farmworkers are responsible for caring for livestock, cultivating crops, and using machinery for land clearance and crop watering.

The farming industry in Scotland includes tasks such as raising livestock, growing crops, logging, and fishing. The average hourly wage for farm laborers in Scotland is £12.41.

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs in Scotland

Scotland offers various employment opportunities, including non-skilled positions in hospitality, agriculture, construction, and healthcare.

People from other countries can get jobs working on farms, cleaning houses, cooking, or building things.

Fair Wages: Scotland generally provides fair wages for unskilled jobs, often exceeding the minimum wage, making it possible to cover living expenses and have a good living wage.

Social Benefits: Workers in Scotland, including foreign nationals, have access to benefits like the National Health Service (NHS), paid leave, and unemployment benefits, providing a safety net.

Language Development: Working in Scotland can help non-native English speakers improve their language skills, enhancing their personal development and future job prospects.

Networking & Relationships: Working in Scotland allows individuals to meet new people and build relationships that could lead to better job opportunities or personal growth. Foreigners can immerse themselves in Scottish culture, traditions, and local communities.

Scotland has strong laws protecting workers’ rights, including those of foreign workers.

Unskilled workers may initially enter Scotland on temporary visas, but there are pathways for them to become long-term residents or citizens.

Scotland offers a high quality of life, stunning landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage, providing foreign workers with a unique and fulfilling experience.

With the right work visa or authorization, foreign nationals can legally work in Scotland, eliminating concerns about unauthorized employment.

Click here to apply for jobs in Scotland that don’t require special skills

Websites where you can find unskilled jobs in Scotland:

Whether you are in Scotland on a visa, taking a break from school, or starting fresh, you can explore various low-skilled job opportunities available to foreigners.

These jobs can help you earn a steady income in Scotland, ranging from transportation drivers to veterinary assistants.

To make your transition smoother, make sure to obtain the necessary documents such as a National Insurance Number (NIN) or a work visa.

You can search for the job you desire on websites like Fasthire, Reed, and others. Start your job search in Scotland today.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Are the Requirements for Domestic Assistant Jobs in Scotland?

To qualify for domestic assistant jobs in Scotland, you should:
Understand and comply with the Health and Social Care Act of 2008.
Demonstrate the ability to handle stress, prioritize tasks, and communicate effectively with people at all levels.
Show genuine interest in working in social care for meaningful reasons.
Exhibit care and compassion in your work.
Be skilled at collaborating and working well with others

What jobs are in demand in Scotland?

In Scotland, the following jobs are currently in demand:
Delivery Driver
Prison Officer
Registered Care Manager
Skilled Factory Operators
Food and Beverage Manager

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